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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

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(I'm running out of ideas for battle cries -_- )



Have you used "SPOON" yet?



From Minsc (Baldur's gate 1 & 2)




Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!


When the going gets tough, someone hold my rodent!


Make way evil! I'm armed to the teeth and packing a hamster!


Butt-kickin' for goodness!


Squeaky wheel gets the kick!


No finer a place to die than the battlefield!


Let's give it a good shake and see what falls out!


This behaviour must not continue. Feel the burning stare of my hamster and change your ways.


I do not cause trouble! I merely seek it out and put the bootheels of justice to it!





There's also the traditional Finnish battle cry of Hakkaa päälle

(rough translation: hack them down)

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Hrmm... I really like the Mashaaf concept.


Which is actually a problem, because I learnt last KS that I tend to like Talin's art a little too much and inevitably end up disappointed by the sculpt where it varies from the concept.

The other problem is Im in the Alien Assimilation KS which will (eventually... hopefully...) provide some alien worm creatures of various sizes in almost exactly the same style.


Fingers extra crossed that we get to see the actual sculpt very soon so I can try to decide.

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Bryan, is there any way Reaper can be convinced to split the items in the Expansions so they can be added as individual parts?


I'm sure this has been discussed but it can't justify spending $50 on a set a minis when I want or could make use of less than half of them. I would however spend $150-200 extra on minis I wanted from those expansions. I assume that I'm not alone. While I know it would mean more work, it could also mean several hundred thousand dollars added to the kick starter.


Pretty disappointed you guys are making the effort to split the main set into parts but not the expansions.

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This has been asked and answered a few times in the comments already (though nobody would blame you for not wanting to wade through them!) They have said that the Core Expansions will not be broken up to sell as smaller pieces. You'll probably have to wait for retail.

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You could always use "For Pony!"




So, it's been said that the pledge manager will be open to add to your order through paypal after the KS. I may have missed the information, but did they say if there would be a markup after the KS? Last year adding stuff post-KS was more expensive.


Last year it was only more expansive if you were a brand new backer to the pledge manager and didn't have an existing pledge in the Kickstarter. If you did the prices were the same as during the KS.... I added .... a bit.....

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Hey, caffeine, doesn't a gigantic worm queen thing just add to the Assimilation Alien Hosts? They can have a gigantic leader!

Yes, but the Assimilation line already has Goliath worm that is potentially a very similar thing at a similar size. So even if I like the translation from concept artwork, the specifics of the sculpt will make a difference whether this counts as something that adds to it or something redundant that Im already getting.

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Similar size? Holy cow!

Potentially, yeah. It hasnt been sculpted yet and Ed seems to like to make changes as he sculpts and try new things, but his initial estimates during the campaign was it would be 6 to 8 inches tall, which I think fits with the estimation based on Sir Forscale for Mashaaf.


Doubt they'll be as fat as Mama Mashaaf looks to be

True. She does look pretty fat and queen-like.

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She has been sculpted, there just aren't pictures quite yet. :)


Ron Hawkins about 7 hours ago

Speaking of the new worm, Mashaaf...we'll be putting up photos as soon as we can get our masters finished, very soon, hopefully. But there's a lot to her that the art doesn't quite show. Her belly is ribbed, like a maggot, sort of, and her back is all covered with rocks and stuff, as if she's been laying dormant on some deep cavern floor for decades.



Izzy "Talin" Collier about 1 hour ago

One of the things that I really like about the Mashaaf sculpt: Although her belly is very grub-like, her back (? dorsal-ish side?) has a rough, rocky texture. I told Kevin to imagine she'd been sleeping/lying in wait for a few centuries, and it's a really neat effect. :)

Also, she's got a bazillion teeth, and tentacles. She could be a land-Kraken. Or a Sarlacc...


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Yeah, that was what prompted my comment of "I hope we see the sculpt very soon". (If youre responding to my comment above about "it hasnt been sculpted yet", I meant the Goliath Worm from the Alien Assimilation KS. At least afaik.)

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