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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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Did we ever find out what the "hungry and not hungry" pairs were?


I think they confirmed that the Angels of Sorrow were one of the pairs...


That's neat. I hope the other one equally cool.


It's a shame they dont let people that buy the expansion buy specific multiples. I am thinking about making a pillar base for the crying one to use as a piece of landscape that attacks anyone player that enters her AOE. If I had several, I could add a haunted graveyard area to my wargaming boards. Sort of like a spooky minefield.

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Yes, in my recollection, Bryan said he could neither confirm nor deny that they would be in this KS, in Bones ever or in metal ever, but he did say they don't exist at Reaper HQ at this time. Well, at the time he said that.


I also may be wrong about metals being a part of his statement, but I think I recall that being part of the original question to which he was responding.


Edit to add: this is in reference to the "prodigal elves."

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I Decided to give Reaper crew a rest, and did some stretch goals of my own (with my choices of BONES), if they wanted to use them I won´t mind...

Damn it!


I nearly chocked on food on page 09. ::P:


Pledge troll + goat + pie + ninja Bug'lips is just to much to handle in one mouthful.

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I Decided to give Reaper crew a rest, and did some stretch goals of my own (with my choices of BONES), if they wanted to use them I won´t mind...

You appear to be missing the Dwarf berserker mounted on a dire boar...(a personal favorite).

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Upped my pledge by another $10 to cover a set of mouslings, after my sister's enthusiastic response to them. The rest of the budget is for me; that $10 comes out of the gift-giving budget...


EDIT: Oh, and we're at less than $40K to go until the next goal!

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