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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

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Oooo, I like her! She's sassy and full of fight, and that armor is totally wicked awesome!


If she weren't being added to the Core, I'd add her to my pledge. And I'm one of the people who traded her in last time (nothing against Sophie, we just had more need of $25 than of a succubus riding a motorcycle, as nice as the piece was).


Also, digest is being worked on, I was working on it in MS Word while the thread was locked, and I'm having some formatting issues. :P



--OneBoot :D


I was the exact same way OneBoot, I traded in the last Sophie as she wasn't something that went with the rest of my collection and that $25 was given right back to Reaper for some nice add-ons (dragons!).


Ooo can't wait for the special report!

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Sorry for the quality (my scanner is broken) but here it is:

Sorry, no. The insanity spread to some of the people from Reaper over on the comments tonight...   Presenting... Pitamat   There's no going back now...

Blah, insomnia strikes again. So, without further ado... *cracks knuckles* Alright, chums, let's do dis. LEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIINS! ~~~~~~~~~~ Antonia Vogel about 4 hours ago

Posted Images

And I'm one of the people who traded her in last time (nothing against Sophie, we just had more need of $25 than of a succubus riding a motorcycle, as nice as the piece was).

+1. Just because a lot of people decided that a metal, modern-setting Sophie wasnt worth $25 that could be spent on other things (eg shipping, or Kaladrax and other add-ons) doesnt mean she isnt awesome. Especially this new one.

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If you traderd her in last time you don't get one this time. You upset her.


This explains the motorbike revving at 3 am.


Also the death threats signed "Sophie".








Really I should have put these clues together a while back.

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I bought last year's Sophie as a gift for my father. He is a motorcyclist and I want to surprise him with a gift other then Wine (very Italian family), she is sitting in my desk as I get more painting experience, but surly SOON tm!

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Okay, here we go! (timestamps are all over the place due to my working on this off and on, plus formatting issues)







Rob Mitchell 15 minutes ago

@Reaper: Are the bases stiff plastic (similar to Games Workshop) or are they softer plastic (Similar to D&D Minis bases and Bones figures)?
Thank you!


Bryan Stiltz 14 minutes ago

@rob Mitchell - hard plastic like our existing bases, new design, as shown.


Randy 27 minutes ago

What size and how much is Sophie by herself?


Reaper Miniatures 25 minutes ago

@Randy - standard character size, in Bones, and $2. The Calculator update is more intense, and takes a bit of time, but we'll have it shortly.

Izzy "Talin" Collier 27 minutes ago

@Reaper: Also, you need to credit Ivyetta on that one, too. She probably put as much into that design as I did, if not moreso. ;)

Benjamin Chernik 30 minutes ago

i'm assuming the sophie figure is in bones and not metal correct?


Reaper Miniatures 29 minutes ago

@Benjamin - in Bones, yes.


Reaper Miniatures 1 minute ago

Hey, if you haven't done it yet, make sure you go like us on facebook!




Reaper Miniatures 14 minutes ago

@james A - Last night. Bear in mind this is LOCALS not TEXANS - Locals can pick theirs up, and because of this do not need to be in an early wave - we will let them pick up on demand. Waves help us organize trucks and shipments, and locals need not worry. LOCALS who intend to PICK UP should pledge at a LATE wave, rather than an early one.

Ben Schiltmeijer 21 minutes ago

Hi Reaper forgive my slight ignorance, I've just change my pledge from a wave 5 core to the $1 wave 2 pledge. My total pledge amount is the same and I still intend to get a core set at $100 plus all my add ons. Will I still get the full core with all of the stretch goal unlocks?


Reaper Miniatures 20 minutes ago

@Ben - Yes. You can select any rewards, including the Core.


Aard_Rinn 23 minutes ago

The kickstarter thread on reaper's website is locked for some reason. Was fine, went to take a test, came back, is locked. :C


Reaper Miniatures 21 minutes ago

@Aard Rin - too many inappropriate jokes that violated board rules. It will be unlocked soon and they will be reminded of the rules.


Michael Lawler 39 minutes ago

@Reaper (Bryan?) - what happened to the rest of the map?


Reaper Miniatures 35 minutes ago

@Michael Lawler - Managing expectations. More can be shown when we need to. NOTE: When, not IF...


spade413 about 1 hour ago

@Reaper: Oh, hey. It looks like you guys are kinda lurking. So, how's your day going? Feeling that Home Stretch Excitement? Looking forward to Sunday and taking a day off?


Reaper Miniatures about 1 hour ago

@Spade - We've spent a great deal of today watching, and discussing. Not so much posting. But yeah, we're looking at curves and graphs and analyses and our accountants have run scenarios. I know that after the official KS Party Bryan is having a few friends over to protect him while he gets drunk. Beyond that, sleep is on the schedule.


Niranth about 1 hour ago

@Bryan, Can you tell the shipping ratios based on those using the pledge calculator?


Reaper Miniatures about 1 hour ago

@Niranth - I *could* if we had closer to full participation. Right now only 9,000 of 13,000 have used it. Of those, less than a third are ROW


Izzy "Talin" Collier about 1 hour ago

@Zach: The "one stretch goal ahead" reveal strategy was one that wasn't as common before the first Reaper kickstarter. Basically, you'd see the next stretch goal, and that was that. By showing two ahead, Reaper effectively keeps people reassured that no, the next goal isn't the last - but also allows a small degree of flexibility. Also, as with the last KS, people will only see the one goal they DIDN'T hit. It's one thing to look down and see that the party ended with a piece of pizza left on the table, it's another to look down and realize that there were five pizzas, breadsticks, cake, a new car, and Tiamathulurrasque that you missed out on.


Bryan Stiltz about 2 hours ago

Got the Model for Mashaaf in. Getting that photo ready to update the graphic.
Been a lot of meetings today. Last few days and we are looking over all the plans.


Izzy "Talin" Collier about 2 hours ago

@Dan: I think that could well be what Ron was hinting at. And I'll just put this out there... I don't know what size the Pathfinder Shadow Demon is of the top of my head, but I'd love to see some demons that clock in at the "small-to-mid-sized-dragon" scale. *nudges Ron* Hint, hint. *elbows Ron in the ribs* DON'T YOU WALK AWAY! I WILL NOT BE IGNORED! I... *wibble*





Once again, I'll paste this here outside of the spoiler box so peoples see it. Emphasis added by me.


Reaper Miniatures 14 minutes ago

@james A - Last night. Bear in mind this is LOCALS not TEXANS - Locals can pick theirs up, and because of this do not need to be in an early wave - we will let them pick up on demand. Waves help us organize trucks and shipments, and locals need not worry. LOCALS who intend to PICK UP should pledge at a LATE wave, rather than an early one.



--OneBoot :D

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    • By KruleBear
      This one has been on the desk for a long time. I really like the sculpt, but the cast is a pain as I find most of the older human sized Bones models. The Face was atrocious. Luckily he has a big hat. The photos are washed out but give a good idea of how he looks. He is too shiny for my tastes as the newer Testors Dullcote doesn’t seem to work as good as it used to. Unsure how I ended up going from a coal black duster to green, other than I had too much green paint out for the Marines I was trying to get off the shelf of shame. 

      One down and thousands to go! 😀
    • By KruleBear
      Bad photos, bad Bones cast, and tabletop paint job of Balto Burrowell the Gnome Wizard. Painted this one up as my sons kid character in hero kids. Fuego is a young kid who can cast some fire spells and has survived three adventures and he was on his own in the last one. 

      I am really beginning to loath these older human sized minis, but this is the closest I had to a human child for his character. Fairly simple base coat, washes, and highlights. I was having a lot of problems with my skin tone paints being too thin (even after several minutes on the vortex mixer). I guess that is the pit fall of no painting for months outside of terrain. 
    • By EvilJames
      So here they are. The Ogre Squad. You can see the WIP here.

      I love how nonchalant and casual this guy looks.

      especially when compared to this guy.

      The oldest of my ogres. Metal and unfinished for years because I was just never happy with him. 

      another angry ogre
      fond of the face(s) on this guy and also the pig. The rope on the barrel was a little frustrating though. It had a mold line right down its length and even though I wasn't doing much line cleaning for these guys that was both a hard one to fix and a hard one to ignore.

      the bones black ogre has the best grumpy ogre face. He painted up nicely with very little clean up to ignore.

      the other metal ogre Kagunk and his amazing shield. This guy sat just primed for a good long while as I just was never sure how to handle the shield face. The older chieften's club face was easier since it was always going to look like wood, but this I had to think about a bit. I think it works pretty well.

      a few attempts at a group shot. Bigger minis are hard to keep all in focus at once.
      There it is then. There are a couple of details I see I still need to do and the metal chieftains need to be sealed. But otherwise that is it for this lot. I did by the other ettin in bones and I might order the other ogre leader and I think I have a bones half ogre around somewhere.  If I paint them I may update this with new squad members. We will see.
    • By EvilJames
      My waste paint receptacle for my ogre squad. Nothing special or exciting but he's done too.
      probably his best side here.

      This side no so much. I don't know think he translated into bones as well as some of the others like the ogres. But then, he's just a mook so who cares. 

      Oops! Looks like I hurt his feelings. He'll feel better when he's amongst his metal brethren. He has a much better base than they do.
    • By Geoff Davis
      A dumpster.  I started painting it as part of Aaron Lovejoy's blending class.  Then had a ton of fun weathering it. 

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