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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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Geez close your eyes for 7 hours of sleep and the morning routine at work and find you are nine pages behind on this thread.

I know right! Brad, my mind almost exploded this morning when I saw the not-Baphomet and his buddies in expansion 2!!


We must unlock this people!! Think what else may be lurking there!!!! For the love of the gods, pledge for expansion 2!!


The frog demon concept art is possibly my favorite of that creature I've ever seen!


Frog-Demon can we say not Slaad?

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Am I the only one who's buying the minis only for the pleasure of painting them?


I never used a mini for playing (my last trial with a board game was as a master of D&D).


Nope, not the only one. That's my primary purpose. I also play D&D, so the two meet up, but in the few spans where I didn't play any games because I was tired of playing with chumps - these gameless streches sometimes being years in duration - my miniature hobby not only didn't abate, if anything the pace increased.


Having a game is a nice excuse to buy more pretties, though.

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Do you two have access to my secret folder of concept art?!


*squints suspiciously*


Spies. Spies everywhere.


This new reveal is awesome. Surprisingly, the demons are the part that thrill me least. Not because they aren't supermazing, they are, but the Carytid columns, now those are rocking my world! Also a very nice complement to the angels.


The age of killer statuary is at hand.

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Ahhhh! my budget hasn't changed. 2 core sets +52 bux.

gotta prioritize


#0 Core at last count I wanted 57 of them ALOT. and was unhappy with 26, the rest are just for the fun of painting them.

# 1 Massaff - gotta get the worm

#2 extra lesser demons. I love using demons in games and 1 each of these is just not going to work for me.

# 3 A dragon: I had so much fun painting the one I got from the first bones, In order I want them.

  1. Silver from Exp #1
  2. Blightfang.

  3. Cinder or Narthex - these are large & won't fit my current storage.

  4. Dracolisk EXP #2

#4: 21 figures from EXP #1

#5 12 figures from EXP #2

#6 Hill giants.

#7 Another Dragon

#8 A case. If I don't get one here, I have to buy a tackle box (for transport) or Craft Bin (for storage) estimate price 15-40$ I looked at tackle boxes, none was perfect, but it would at least allow Huge mini transport.

#9 extra sophies. (if there is some wiggle room ill fill out the difference in more armored succubi.)


huh it looks like I'm in for the first expansion. I had previously dismissed it. and ill have to add 20$ to my pledge.

Im not passing up priorities 1&2

With +40$ I would get everything I want. (3,4,6,7)

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I went as far in as I could go from the start, then I added a bit more, because well I'd hate myself if I missed out on a couple of things. Having said that it became a toss up for me on Bones KS or Artist Con because of this.

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Spies. Spies everywhere.


I thought you were the spy.


Now get back in the air vents and tells us when we can expect more horses and that Buglips miniature. I have some very stanky shoes for you, or do you only accept socks?


Also where can a latecomer to all this forum insanity find your Cobra commander posts?



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