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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

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As I'm on my phone on a wonky connection down in London I have no idea where the current conversation is and impossible for me to catch up or follow updates so with that in mind:


A) Yes

B) Probably not until after retail

C) Thanks OneBoot

D) Wow, those new things eh! Just look at them. WOW!!

E) Your doing a great job Bryan

F) HA! That post was so funny I wish I could like it twice


H) I can't believe we're at $x



Bye folks, I'll try to actually see what's going on Monday afternoon

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Well, I gotta go now. As I said, hopefully I'll make it back in time to catch the end when I'm at my destination, but if not, I'll end with the same admonition I posted when I was offline for part of day one:


Try not to burn down the Internet while I'm gone! ::D::bday:

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I think Reaper already said all the Tricks go to the core set, but I think it'd be clever of them to have one trick that adds 1-2 minis to each of the three expansions on the last day. Like a little kick over the cliff of decision for those people teetering on it.


EDIT: And if I was asked what might be good little additions like that, I'd guess a couple townsfolk for CE1, a translucent purple phase cat for CE2, and (assuming the last stretch is probably robots or something) maybe a heroic looking time lord for CE3. Just spit-ballin'.

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I find it interesting that the MSRP of CE#2 is estimated at a mere 80$, and is selling for 50. By those numbers we're only getting a 38% discount off of retail? Compare that to the 80% discount of the core (100$ for 500$ worth of MSRP.) If CE#1 is 125$ retail, then we're getting a 60% discount there. I wonder if the 80$ MSRP estimate for CE#2 is incorrect? What is our source for these numbers? I know I saw Bryan basically state the 500$ value of the core several times, but I don't recall having seen anything written about the values of the expansions, myself.

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