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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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And be sure you grab DDS. Not sure if anything has been officially stated by Reaper on estimated cost once it is on shelves...but $35 is going to be an AWESOME bargain for all of that. I will be adding it and a couple other things later on in the PM.


I am now thinking of asking for cash when family ask me what kind of gifts I would like for Christmas. Between anything I got there and some of my bankroll from poker I should be set with a nice haul. Nothing like some of you nuts who spend $500+...but a nice haul for a sane individual.


Pretty sure Bryan said DDS is going to be over $100 at a minimum.



I'm in for one of everything except paints and cases, which may or may not match my current calculation. I just went through the pledge calculator quickly and think I clicked all I want.


If seriously pressed, though I don't think it will be an issue, I can shave off CE 3, mouslings, and some dungeon dressing. But it's my intent to nab it all.



It'll be exciting what you do with all that! I enjoy looking at your work =) Your kaladrax came out nicely!




Next challenge is C'thulhu in Two'thulhu. I boiled his base today, but with only partial success. It's weirdly warped, so he may or may not fit. I'll dry-fit in the morning, see if it looks okay or can be mangled into place. If so, I hope to start that tomorrow.


I'd get a lot more done if I didn't DM.


Or have to build all the terrain.






It's nice, but it eats into my Bonesing time.

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I'm just getting back into painting, after 20 years away. I've picked up a handful of the KS1 retail, and love them. And I've gotten the LTPK1&3 as my "budget getting back into it".


Question: I remember reading Reaper will make more LTPKs. Is that a true or false memory? Will I ever be able to get a hold of LTPK2?


I picked up:

  • Core
  • Expansion #1
  • Expansion #2
  • Narthrax
  • Lords of Darkness
  • Mouslings
  • the Kraken (!)
  • Gel. Cube
  • Greater Demons
  • Hill Giants
  • Demon Lords
  • Dungeon Decor
  • Blightfang
  • Devils
  • Cinder
  • MS Paint Sets 1&2
  • Figure Case
  • Mashaaf
  • Khanjira
  • The Thank You Set
  • (want) Cadirith, will have to adjust post
  • Dragons Don't Share

In all, $505, $520 when I add Cadirith. Way too much for someone who hasn't yet demonstrated long term commitment to the hobby, but I got back into D&D (again after 20 years away) in a big way this summer. So, I'm pretty stoked. All these minis are so beautiful, and such fantastic esoteric monsters -- peryton, otyugh, etc

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Core, Exp1, Exp2, Narthrax, Kraken, Heroes and Villains, Hill Giants, both paint sets, Mashaaf, Khanjira, DDS. Might grab "Thank you" as well, but undecided.


... what? No, of course I don't have the money to spend. I'm making up for missing KS1!


My family can eat next month!

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Love the dragon w/ ruined castle. No idea where it will go, but I love it. To seriously answer the earlier question, 7 might be possible if not for the adventurers. But we'll see. Maybe I'll try anyway. An epic fail is still epic.

I'd love to see this as I enjoyed your Kaladrax in seven days. You could collaborate on the project and have others paint the adventurers for you, to make it a bit easier. Since the piece had multiple sculptors it would definetly be in the spirit of the piece. I am in for two at this point one for display and the other for wargaming terrain. So if you decide to enlist help I would paint one of my extra adventurers and send it to you, I am sure other forumites would help you too.



Aw, you guys are sweet. But I think the challenge has to be a 0 and all the stuff. I didn't do Hyrekia with Kaladrax because she wasn't included with him for retail - but in future whatever minis go with a piece in the Kickstarter count towards the "full model".

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I'll keep an eye out for your progress then =) I can learn a lot to improve myself by seeing what experts manage



Expert? I'm not sure I'd go that far. But I might perhaps manage "sometimes competent". ::P:



Oh really anyone's an expert compared to me =P I use craft paints for goodness sake! With one sample bottle of Reaper paint haha

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Talin could totally make a posey but still manly giant and a feminine yet uncompromisingly kick-butt all-action giantess.

Mmm, I'd honestly like a cloud giant who's a bit of a twink, appearance-wise, and a storm giantess who's more interested in kicking butt than looking feminine at all.


I'm still sad about my contribution to Talin's decision to scrap her concept art for the counterparts to the ones in the first KS. :down:

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Ok, I hear all this talk of boiling the figure. I have been dipping peices in near boiling water, and then in ice cold water. I haven't gotten some of the results I have been looking for. They will bend well, and even stay in a pose, but bend back towards the original pose as they warm up to room temperature.

Are all you all getting better results boiling the mini for a while and then dunking them in cold water? Enquiring minds want to know.

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I literally tossed my Pathfinder Goblins in a pot of boiling water and wandered away for 20 minutes to try and 'sweat' some of the plasticizers out of them so they wouldn't be quite so floppy. Seems to have worked to.


Edit: Forgot to add I boil all the ones I am repositioning, I just don't don't usually go more than a minute or so. I then dunk them in ice water.


Edit 2: I also forgot to say that for figures that I am just trying to get back to 'original pose' I usually don't have to do more than fish them out of the boiling water and carefully place them in the ice water. For ones that I want to slightly reposition, I hold them in the new position in the ice water for a half minute to a minute before leaving them to finish 'setting'.


Edit the 3rd: My gargoyle wings were pretty warped out of the pack. I boiled him for about 3 minutes and then curled his wings fairly aggressively beyond the original sculpted position. After running it under cold tap water for a few minutes in the new position I ended up with somewhere between original sculpted position and my much more curled version. It's been about 5 months since then and the wings haven't moved at all.


I think the key is warming the figure all the way through. The more you want to alter the figure's pose from the original pose, the longer you need to boil it. With the understanding that there are limits to how much you can change the position of things.

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