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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion


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Yes, I'm Arianne. I'm terrible at talking myself out of stuff too! I have absolutely no use for the ruins or the world destroyer right now but man they would make awesome show pieces. I don't even think I have enough paint to paint them with!



My primary purpose for buying minis is twofold. First is the ability to use them in a game, the second is I love painting them! The second reason is a direct result of the first reaper KS, and my investment of paints, brushes and time.


If I bought the ruins they would be the only terrain pieces I have. I don't have any place to display them, so they would sit in a chest/ tackle box most of the time. I could use for games but it seems like they would get old quickly unless I bought more terrain. If I had a dedicated terrain table then I would have added this in a heart beat.


all that said, they would be really fun to use in games until we got bored of them, and they are 2nd on my "stuff I will add to my order if the money comes in" list. Behind hill giants (which would get alot of play) and ahead of Massaff - who is ridiculously cool, but would get even less table time.



See, you're like my husband, very good with logic and talking me out of purchases. This was kind of his argument too. It's very hard for us to find groups for dnd and pathfinder these days so the odds of the ruins getting used is very slim. Plus if we ever did, then yeah, they would get old pretty quickly because they would be the only scenic set we'd have. World destroyer, though freaking awesome and gigantic might get used occasionally, I know the specific place that I'd have it displayed too. He's one guy that I CANNOT resist. Mashaaf has been whispering me sweet nothings from her picture but I know we wouldn't use her much either. I love the DDS2 dragon and the adventures so I know I'll buy them, the ruins, though a plus for an extra 12$, so tempting....plus it'll retail for 100$ later so if I ever change my mind then It's going to ravage my bank account. o.o What ifs?!? WHAT IFS?!



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