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Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

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Sorry for the quality (my scanner is broken) but here it is:

Sorry, no. The insanity spread to some of the people from Reaper over on the comments tonight...   Presenting... Pitamat   There's no going back now...

Blah, insomnia strikes again. So, without further ado... *cracks knuckles* Alright, chums, let's do dis. LEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIINS! ~~~~~~~~~~ Antonia Vogel about 4 hours ago

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Still not seduced. I've got the Derro already. I'm not complaining. After the kickstarter, I can pick and choose any of the beautiful big models and buy them at a reasonable price.

Maybe if I had 500 minis already I wouldn't want the core set, but those add-ons are awesome and you can just pledge $1 + $money for the addons you want.


I of course have only a few minis and so really want the whole thing. $400 for enough minis to last me two years of nightly painting? yes please.

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Since the pages are going to die down for a bit, has anyone been contacted by reaper about the miscasts and missing bones from the first kickstarter?




And yet Anvail Thricedamned came out as a limited edition miniature before the Bones first KS and was turned into a Bones figure. Initially made in resin specifically BECAUSE of the detail we were told. When I asked about it, I was told that the size of the figure made it a good choice to turn into a Bones figure because it was big. I suspect the price and limited nature of the figures is more of a "crap metal has gone through the roof" as opposed to reaper giving the fan base the big screw you but if that's the case, don't make it a limited edition model. Just make it a resin model and charge what the market will bear.

Two different limited-edition resin are being made into Bones, true. However, I don't anticipate any going the other way.


The thing is depending on the model and if they didn't jack the prices due to the 'limited edition' nature, there are many I'd love to pick up in metal or resin. Reaper's metal production has been nill for months. I've heard a few fans note that the production stopped at the tail end of the Kickstarter, not the start of it so that we should see some material hitting the shores "soon" but now with the KS, that's at least another month out of circulation I believe despite the Numera and Doom figures that recently came out.

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I've been checking around and haven't found where the kickstarter #2 is going to be cast. Is the work going to be done in China again?

It's mentionned in their Kickstarter page FAQ.


Are these models produced in the US?


During our last Kickstarter we unveiled our plan to begin production of Bones in the US. Currently we have our first machine and molds with more molds on the way. Were learning the fundamentals of injection plastic production. While we are off to a good start, were not up to speed yet. We still lack both the expertise and the number of machines it would take to fulfill this project.

To put this into perspective, with only one machine it would take approximately 650 days (running 24 hours a day) to produce our last Kickstarter. That is almost two years! This is further compounded by the fact that our machine is not large enough to produce large models like Kaladrax.

Production in the USA is a high priority goal!

Thanks, Cranky! I should have scrolled down further. :-/

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Total visible (not reached) Core options so far = 140 figures at $100. That's $.71 per figure.

Total Add-ons visible (not reached) = 65 figures (many large) for $204 total That's $3.14 per figure


If you get one everything revealed that is a bone and not paint or a case (and again some of it is not yet achieved) then you spend $304 for 205 figures which is about $1.48 a figure.


Going by Achieved there are 136 figures in core for $100 at $.73 a figure, and 60 add on figures at $184 for $3.07 a figure. That's 196 figures total for $284 or $1.45 a figure for every bone achieved.

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You know... someone should open a separate KS with bids of like 1-20$ and no rewards, just some fun stretch goals (bounce house, magician, dancing bears, jagerparty, ect.) - call it "Buy the Reaper Dudes Pizza & Alcohols". Set it to end just after the Bonestarter.


Then after thing'sve wrapped up, just send it over. Let em get themselves a nice party, maybe even help out by making the arrrangements for an approved day. Way things're going, they'd probably get a few 100K, too... I'd toss them 10 bucks or so, if I could.

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Hi all,


Complete KS noob here, so sorry for the dumb question that follows...


How do I go about picking from the Bones II options? I've put in the dollar amount, but not seeing any means to pick the ones I want.



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