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Chainmaille Show Off


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So, I've been out of the forums for a while. Getting married, honeymoon, starting a Master's degree while working full time and other such things kind of hinder a lot of free time hehe. But one of the things I've been working on is my making chainmaille jewelry. One of the people I've made a piece for liked it enough to take a picture with it and sent it to me, so I thought I'd share with a group who can appreciate artsy things. I'll get to armor eventually, but for now this is a lot of fun! Let me know what you think.


Oh, and some painted minis will show up in show off when I get a chance to take a few pictures - and possibly a new camera. The old one didn't quite survive the trip to Europe C.c



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Nice work. Now go build me an 8 in 1 hauberk. For free. Right meow.


Did you use silver wire for this?

Thanks! And no, just bright aluminum. Works well, looks great, and is very inexpensive.


If I used silver, I'd have to charge quite a bit for something like that C.c

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Thanks all!

Beautiful work! My cousin does a lot of chainmail stuff for his SCA; he gave me a cool dice bag last Christmas. His stuff is largely functional though, I think, and not so pretty as yours.

I've done a couple of Legend of Zelda themed bags, which were fun (green with golden tri-force), but people liked them and keep buying them from me. Can't say no, it's mine when it's not too hard to make another hehe. I do need to order more rings soon.


very cool,but isn't chainmaille riveted?

Chainmaille can be riveted or butted. I do butted for jewelry, since most people like that look rather than the riveted look when using it for fashion. When I start doing armor I may or may not try riveted... it's a lot of work for something that you don't actually have to count on to save your life!


I really need to get back to work learning how to link scales together.. I have all these anodized scales sitting at home needing a purpose..

Ooo... definitely share if you do something with them. I've been debating trying scale, but I'm still having fun with general rings at the moment.

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