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Painting Bones Ghosts and Elementals


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I've got the red ready to go. I just haven't gotten around to painting the test figure (the fireball) yet. I'll do it tonight now that I've rearraged my painting area.


Rightyho. I also picked up Tamiya Clear Green for the ghost figures.


These are very, very basic jobs. Basically I cleaned the figure, put a couple of coats of the appropriate clear paint on, tidied up a few bits and bobs and called it a day. I'm quite happy with the way they turned out to be quite honest - the flame is a bit basic but it certainly has more definition than an unpainted version, and the ghost looks spooktacular for my hideous skill level : )







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dsmiles, I really like the way your fire wall turned out. The Grave Wraith looks good too but it's too bad you can't get a good photo of the glow in the dark effect.

Yeah...it's lame-o craft paint. The glow just isn't strong enough to get a photo. Maybe if I had a blacklight...I'll have to look into that.


@Laoke: Looking real good there. Your skele-ghost is cool with that clear green on it!

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Those are some lovely rich colors there, Laoke! The fact that it's a bit on the glossy side makes them almost look like stained glass. Will you be dullcoting them?



--OneBoot :D

I don't really want to, but in the name of science I probably should. I'll do it tonight. I'll also see how the fireball responds to both washes and inks.

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OK. I've done some testing.


Dullcoating: works OK, although the result is more of a satin than a matte. I think I prefer the high gloss look personally (and I'm a matte figure guy from waaaaaay ago).


Inks: Black Ink responds well, don't have any others to test with : )


Washes: Nope. They tend to make the figure cloudy in random patches, giving a very patchy look to the figure.


Different Colors: Putting a Tamiya Clear Yellow over a translucent green figure did not look good at all. Might try the yellow over a translucent red figure later for completeness.


Just in case you want to see:


The Banshee was done with a Tamiya Clear Yellow paint to start with, Black Ink applied to pick out the details (I should have been much more sparing with it) and the end result was... hideous. I then put a coat of Tamiya Clear Green over the top to prevent it from looking like complete arse.
Tamiya Clear Red, Black Ink applied at extremities, Clear Yellow (Reaper this time) wash applied to the base, Tamiya Clear Red over the top of it all, Reaper Brush-on Sealer to dull it down.
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The clear yellow is a bit hard to see. I think the banshee looks ok but you might be right about using less black ink. I've got that elemental on my painting desk right now but haven't started her. I did a couple other minis and I'm working on the pathfinder red dragon. I have some sort of problem with starting painting my big minis. 20+ years of wargaming and most of my large monsters are unpainted. After the load I got in the kickstarter I decided I better get some more painted.

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Ayup. For the big elemental I'm thinking I'll paint the 'face' as a solid ball of yellow / white flame, probably work the base a little the same way, then try to work the transparent red effect into the blackened tips with Tamiya Clear Red + Reaper Black Ink.


I'm debating whether or not to go for this - just doing translucent red + black would probably be enough and the transition between the opaque paints & the Clear Red is likely to be... problematic. But in the name of Twisted Artistic Science I may just go for it!

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