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Painting Bones Ghosts and Elementals

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On some of the showoff threads on the translucents I see mention of GW ink but no mention of reaper inks on these. Anyone have experience with the Reaper inks on these? How well do they work?


Sorry, completely missed this question. I'm using Reaper Black Ink in the examples above. Works pretty well with the Tamiya Clear Paints for points you want to darken, it's easily possible to over do it. If you're trying to add definition to specific points on the figure use it sparingly.

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Rightyho. I also picked up Tamiya Clear Green for the ghost figures.   These are very, very basic jobs. Basically I cleaned the figure, put a couple of coats of the appropriate clear paint on, t

I live too far away from any stores with an acrylic medium. I will put it on my wish list for the next time I'm in the city. What I ended up doing was painting undiluted dark green ink in the deep spo

OK. I've done some testing.   Dullcoating: works OK, although the result is more of a satin than a matte. I think I prefer the high gloss look personally (and I'm a matte figure guy from waaaaaay

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I'm working on my first fire elemental and not liking how it's turning out. I bought some matte medium a week ago but couldn't find any of the Tamiya paints where I was. I started by totally painting her just in matte medium. That worked real well as a base coat and the subsequent watered down layers went on fine. This is what she looks like after several very thin layers of yellow, 2 shades of red and black. She's darker and blotchy looking than I wanted. Any advice on how to make her look better?



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