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I've not been on much the last couple days. I thought I'd share my woes with the crowd here...


Tuesday morning I was driving to work. The traffic on the highway was stop-n-go as usual. A couple miles from my house the lady in front of me slowed down to a stop and so I slowed down to a stop behind her. The lady behind me, however, didn't get the memo about traffic stopping. I'm not sure how fast she was going, but there was a good 2 seconds of breaks squealing before she slammed into the back of my car and sent me into the back of the car in front of me.




Things I learned...


If you want to ram into people in a VW Passat, buy a Chevy Tahoe. It's very efficient. The Tahoe that did all this damage did not have a scratch on the front end. I'm still waiting to hear back, but they may have to total my car.


If you need insurance, don't call Dave Hart in Hurst, TX. I left a message about this at 7:30am... I was freaking out and in a bit of shock. He called back at 3:30pm that day and basically said, 'well I guess you got it taken care of?'. Thanks for talking me through what to do, douche.


People really do equal stuffe as the song says. We are on the side of the road and there has obviously been a pretty serious wreck. People are rolling down their windows screaming profanities, honking, and flipping the bird. This didn't slow down any at all after the police were on the scene. I'm not talking about angry biker types or other toughies, these were soccer moms upset that our tragedy had imposed a few minutes on their day. No one likes traffic, and I hate it as much as the next guy or gal, but I've never considered acting that way when there is a wreck slowing down traffic.


I had my wife take me to the ER and I checked out ok, just some serious whiplash. They gave me some wonderful muscle relaxers that help me sleep, even when I'm awake.


Now I'm dealing with insurance adjusters so the real pain can begin.


At least no one was seriously injured.

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I feel for you. This sort of thing really sucks, even when it isn't your fault. I was once in the same situation only the lady that hit me wasn't watching at all and hit me at 55 mph. Never even touched the brakes. Totaled my little Toyota Pickup, but I walked away without a scratch.

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Be weary of the person you rear ended, legally you're at fault for that one because you were following "too closely" to prevent your vehicle from contacting theirs. Even though you only hit them because of the person behind you, they have a claim against your insurance.


Generally you don't have to worry about it as insurance will usually hit the guy further to the rear in an incident like this, but they do have a legal basis to target you as well.

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Glad to hear everyone is fine. Hope you didn't need to spend 8 hours in the ER.


That is crazy about people yelling profanities and flipping you the bird. Crazy. Maybe we all need more time to decompress if a little bit of traffic turns us into animals. My solution would be more mini painting. :poke:


Anyways, the whole deal sucks. I hope they can fix your car, because sometimes what the insurance adjusters give you isn't the same worth as a working car. (Coming from someone who was recently driving a $100 car, that is working perfectly fine. If I had been in an accident I wouldn't have gotten anything, but would have had to pay a good amount of money to get a car working as well as it was)


And I am glad everyone is ok. The day after is always the worst, after the endorphins wear off, it seems like people feel like they have been hit by the flu (or a mack truck).

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I think 60% of the people on the roads, at least, shouldn't be.


About ten years back I got knocked down by a redneck truck on a new intersection traffic light near me. As I lay in the road, bloody and dazed, I was treated to the colorfully expressed wrath of slightly-delayed drivers going past for having the temerity to be injured, while crossing on a walk signal with the right of way, by some jacked-up moron visting from a place where traffic lights are a myth.


Can you believe how inconsiderate I was? Man. I sure feel bad for ruining their days by extending their commute by a few minutes. Wish I could make it up to them somehow.

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