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Bloodbath at the Office!!

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This will be another long tale, fraught with peril, passion, and whisky. Let's start with a pic:





Here's a Bathalian Centurion for my Darkspawn army, with his hands in the air like he just don't care. I got on a tear of painting with my super Cthulhu-ey force, and fought some great battles with it. Well, forum member wildbill reads my posts, and being a fellow Warlord player and enthusiast, drafts an army list of Dwarves for my friend Dalton to play against my super cool, nearly finished painting, jumping up and down that I finished anything force. So the table is readied:











This is some terrain from GF9 Battlefield in a box, Mesa, and Crystals, a trophy crystal I looted from the trash at the office, and to really drive home the Cthulhu, a jellyfish in a crystal in the middle of the table. My first sin, pride.


My second sin:




So my force is on the table:







Dalton's dwarf force, with many proxies and a large, unassembled, unpainted Stone Spirit in the middle deploys his line across the board.





Here we are perched at the end of the first turn of movement. The damanable Griffon is into my Fodder, and I'm already sweating bullets.








Here is what happened later, with my reporting to follow.














I'll give the play by play in a little while, I'm clocking back in to work from lunch, but it will happen.

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It was a glorious night for the Dwarves! Advancing in line across the table, the Griffon struck the first blow against the repugnant enemy, plunging in off the right flank to shred a couple of Fodder. Without waiting for her allies, the fearsome Grifoon charged headlong into the eye tyrant, raking her talons across its chitinous hide, unfortunately with little result. On the left, Freya lead her maidens and attendant warriors into battle with a group of Bathalian Centurions and their demon subordinates. Although some of her usually stout fighters were overwhelmed by the vile stink of the verminous Bathalians, most of the dwarven troops engaged their targets, sinking their axes deep into the slime-covered flesh of their prey. In the center, the piercers found their range and plinked away, although, if truth were told, their bolts were more worrisome than dangerous to the enemy formation. In front of the crossbowmen, Captain Ironhammer and his trusty berserks rushed forwards, anxious to bring the enemy to bear. The Darkspawn horde readied to meet the dwarven charge, their courage bolstered by the presence of D'Khul the mage and his incomparable magics. Suddenly, the ground shook violently and tore asunder. The Stone Spirit, an ally of the dwarves older than time itself, rose up from the unimaginable depths of its earthly bough to rip apart the villainous sorcerer as he cowered in the midst of the Darkspawn ranks. Although the Bathalians and their allies quickly converged to send both Spirit and Griffon from this mortal plane, the pair had rent gaping wounds in the fabric of the enemy host that could not easily be closed. Ironhammer and the berserks, supported by a quartet of lightly armoured young dwarf recruits wielding man-catchers, struck at their now disorganized targets. Once again, some of the fighters faltered at the stench of the Bathalians, but the numbers were now on the side of the earth-folk. The Darkspawn were caught in the pincers of the dwarven host, Freya and her maidens acting as the anvil to Ironhammer and his berserks hammer. While losses were not insignificant, and injuries mounted, in the end the field was claimed by the men and women of the mountain. Long live King Grimsteel!

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Dalton beat me to it!! In the short space after that first move, I realized I lost. I didn't let my casters do their thing at range, and just went straight at them, with my force split. Double fail!! We both knew each other's lists, but that was of no help to me. I really pooped the bed. My force can bring down the Griffon and the Stone Spirit, if I play it right, but not closing so fast, and then losing initiative. I have to tip my hat to wildbill for kicking my elf from all the way across the country, and to Dalton for his usual skill.


Stay tuned for more reports from the Office. I hope to bring more players to South Philly.

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At least your bathalians and eye tyrant look awesome.


Thanks Feanor! I suppose Billy Crystal is sometimes correct. "It's better to look good than to feel good."

That is one wicked sick army of evil!

Thanks!! I'm quite happy with them so far. I still need to clean up the bases, and I need to attack the Broken Fodder. I plan on doing some conversions, and painting them to match their Golem classification. I really just want 1000 points completely ready for battle, maybe one day at ReaperCon!

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Sorry I was unable to respond before now! Real life interference and all of that. ^_^


Of course, my work computer won't show me the pictures you took. :grr: How annoying is that?!?


Anyways, that sounds like a fantastic game! Even though the Dwarves won (and rightly so :lol:) the game sounds like it came down to the wire. Josh, I hope you had a good time playing against the Dwarf list that I designed and Dalton wielded with such awesome precision. :devil:


Dalton, the Piercers serve a couple of purposes:

1) They keep the enemy honest. They are not going to rush a wizard out in the open to cast a spell knowing you could shoot them. It usually isn't worth the risk!

2) If I get the activations in my favor, I try to use a Piercer at a target before rushing to engage in melee. That extra wound (or two if Pierce is there) could make all the difference. If I have to activate after I have been charged, then I will wait for the unfortunate to happen and one of my soldiers dies, allowing my Piercer to exact some revenge!

3) Near the end of the game, when your opponent is walking around with lots of models with one or two wounds remaining, all of a sudden your Piercers can shoot with impunity. Their models can not run fast enough to catch you without getting hit at least once, and if they do get close, stand your ground, Focus, and utilize that Pierce ability to take them out! That is awesome. :wub:


All in all, this sounds like my kind of game! It could have just easily swung in the Darkspawn favor, but I love those kind of games. They keep me on the edge of my seat! ::D:

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I know your pain of not being able to see pics at work. :angry: Thanks for playing Warlord with us with that list. We shall do battle again.


More battle reports from the office will be posted. Stay tuned.

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That was actually kind of fun helping out a fellow Dwarf in his hour of need! :lol:


I have a ton of army lists created so let me know! I would be happy to share! ::):

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Wildbill- Yep, I am a big fan of the Piercers. They just had a bad night (out of four rolls on each model, THREE ones). I used to mob the piercers in one unit, but I will be trying your technique again.

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