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Terrifying Fall Contest! 2013 Autumn/Fall contest (Rules and Entries)


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Here is my Halloween-y entry. I haven't had a lot of time with a little one not sleeping through the night yet, but eked out a little time to paint this one really quick. I had just noticed the 'must be based requirement', so yeah, the base is still wet in the pic.


Cheers all. ::):


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Top Posters In This Topic

2904: Witch Coven, 3122: Tombstones, 2018: Familiar Pack I








It's All Hallows Eve and the witches gather to brew a potion, but perhaps the spell did not have quite the results they expected....





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*remembers where he set the topic and holds it out of reach again*


Hey Ub3r... What can you see with those magic glasses?


Hey Buglips ... try those glasses on. *takes them from Ub3r*


*tosses the topic to the Gobbo*

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Mr. Bones is DONE!


Now I just need to finish painting my secret entry, and carve it off its base, and I'll be dooooone!


Problem is, I realized that central time isn't an hour later than me, it's an hour EARLIER than me.


Which means I've got exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes to get this done!





--OneBoot :D

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Where Does A 1300 Pound Ape Trick-or-Treat?
Any Place He Wants






Acme Industries is proud to present the Ape-X Trick-or-Treat Helper.

Have no worries as the cyborg nanny escorts your children from house to house every Halloween night. Candy-stealing bullies are no problem for Ape-X's hydraulic-powered mechanical fist, and stingy neighbors are sure to hand over the full-sized candy bars at the sight of Ape-X's 30mm rotary canon.

Be sure to order your own Ape-X Trick-or-Treat Helper today.
For the children.



(Sorry, the Inspiration Gallery pics haven't been approved yet, so here's some Flickr pics)

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