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Terrifying Fall Contest! 2013 Autumn/Fall contest (Rules and Entries)


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Wow. Really nice, smooth skin tones. Good glow on the jack'o'lantern face, too.


EDIT: Well, I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring here.




Title: All the Leaves are Brown...

Figure: 14469 Fairy

Base: Micro Arts Studio...well, whatever the series was, they don't sell it anymore.



For clarification, can I pop this into the Inspiration Gallery and my painting thread without getting disqualified?

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I really like what you did with the wings. Overall I like her. What did you use to varnish? The semi-gloss fits the ant-girl look.

Thanks. I wanted kind of a...parchment-y...look to the wings. They needed to look quite fragile.


She's not varnished in the photos. The glossy-ness comes from the wash I applied to get that particular skin tone. (Chitin tone?) I don't know why the red came out semi-gloss, though. However, normally I use two coats of gloss varnish followed by a couple of coats of matte varnish, and it comes out looking similar to her semi-gloss finish.

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Hmm, having not done this sort of thing before, what's the etiquette on multiple entries? I have a good number of undead types in the painting queue (or just completed) that fit the theme, but aren't really up to any sort of competitive standard. Would it be frowned upon to enter a bunch of times with mediocre tabletop-standard entries (and hopefully one or two pretty good ones) or should I just focus on a couple figures for submission?

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Given it's a competition for skill and fun (and our two initial entries are really cool so far!), I'd focus on getting the one or two good ones, unless it's a leader and their undead horde. Then I'd try to bring the leader's undead up to the same standard as the leader, or close to it for a group entry. Since we're not delineating between groups, singles, and dioramas, I don't know how far you want to take it.


Then again, it would be fun to have a tabletop full of rotting flesh enter the competition and try to eat the other contenders. And no way I typed that last sentence did it look any less horrible.

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thanks for the contest, Darkmeer! after a long break you've made me get my paints and brushes again ::): I've just picked Mr. Bones from my Kickstarter set today and painted it in one go ::):

So, a miniature finished... the first Bones mini I painted... and..

the most important rule of the contest: HAVE FUN!

... yes , I had fun! That makes for a triple win already ::):

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