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Marble Casket WIP

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Because it either ends up looking like there is no transition, or, I make the area too bright.


I think I have a better technique for it... but now I need to make sure all the coffins sort of match each other. I think I will be trying out another satin soon after this to practice it on something that I don't need to make match other pieces.

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I don't know I think I would adjust to the better technique so that you can work on it and you can use the coffins as a way to look at your progression. I know that they wouldnt all match but when you next had to do satin say for a compotition or display piece you would have a better handle on the technique.

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Ok, I hadn't posted any more WIP pictures because it was becoming a time consuming morass of half starts, and other blunders.


Here they are, abandoned finished. I will post better non-iPhone photos of them possibly at some point. For now, they are done and off the painting desk!











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Our DM had vampires who would flee to special coffins that dealt negative energy damage each round (ie, healed them).  I was petrified of having my character accidentally locked in one of them.  If he had brought out actual painted caskets I would have become convinced that trapping PC in them was a major feature! 


Or in other words, yes, your players will flip out!  ::D:

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