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Warlord in Portland, OR?

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I think it's this one specific employee who has very stark opinions and likes to share them. I've had lots of good experiences with other people working there. not sure if I'll try to special order reaper paints and warlord books there - I mean, they have reaper minis, so they have to be able to get stuff from them!


Also, there's lots of table space, but I've had bad luck trying to find a time where I feel wlecome to play. Lots of magic events that crowd people out. There's another game store in the area that always has plenty of table space, and people playing a billion different things, maybe I'll try there.

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Wanted to make sure this thread didn't end on such a hard note.


I put an order in for paints on the reaper store, i got a good batch that'll let me paint a few specific minis I'm working on, and some general colors for mixing. Eagerly awaiting shipment!


Also, I've been poring over the rulebook on my breaks at work, hoping to understand the rules before my second demo game next monday. I've got a much more solid grasp on the LOS rules, turn order, and other rules after reading up on that and watching the reaper TV demo game.


I'm going to set up 2 tables with terrain and get my gaming group playing 2 battles simultaneously. I can sort of referee, unless only an odd nuber of people can make it, then I'll play. We normally play in big multiplayer games, but I want to make sure to keep it as close to intended as possbile for this first demo.


My armies are all 500 points without warlords, but after the demo game, they're jumping up to 1000 with them. Models cost abotu the same and can be proxied, so there's no reason to limit my army creation! (I tend to play pauper in Magic due to budget constraints)

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Look sliek this thread will have a sad ending after all. I tried to demo Warlord for my gaming group today, but it was a huge bust. No one bothered to read the quickstart, and got frustrated with me of I didn't knwo the answer to everything. I had two matches going, but the second pair just decided to quit and play pokemon.


The other group got farther, but was playing Dwarves vs Frost Giants and the Dwarf player couldn't imagine how they'd hurt the Frost Giant Warriors. I thought I had a decently balanced army selection, but those Frost Giant Warriors are huge!


Another player was bothered by all sorts of rules, like no pre-measuring and that kind of thing. Every time somethign like that would come up, it'd be up to me to justify the rule, and my reasons weren't good enough. This is a general trend with this player, I might just stop bringing in new games.


Anyway, sorry for the rant, jsut wanted to thank everyone here for the help. Teaching my gaming group was really the last option, as no one up here in the pacific NW has heard of Warlord.


If someone finsd this post looking for fellow Portland area players, even years in the future, give me a PM!

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So there are a couple players in Portland. A buddy and I picked this game up a while back and we found a small group of players at bridgetown on Thursdays. They do tend to shift games though so they may not be playing it now. I myself haven't played in a couple years but it is a pretty decent game.

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