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Fantasy Vignette...Alice in Wonderland...


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VIGNETTE TITLE...Alice in Wonderland...


FIGURES...Reaper # 50209 (Alice & White Rabbit)...


VIGNETTE SIZE...(3" x 3") on a (4" x 4") wooden base with ceiling tile riser...completely scratch built except for the (2) miniature figures...


NOTE...This is the (1st) completed fantasy vignette of the dozen or so that I listed in my (WIP) projects for Oct/Nov...I am hopeful of getting 3 or 4 done from that list; pending the arrival of miniature figures needed for the given (title)...


Hope that you like this true fantasy fairy tale vignette.

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This is a fun one. I like!


Great work on the characters and loving the door in the tree. The tree itself really makes the setting.

Thanks...as always Darsc! I agree that the tree gives a great setting and feel to this vignette...it is (1) of several pieces of desert driftwood that I have set aside & saved for special vignettes. You are absolutely right...(it was a great & fun little vignette to work on)...I wish that Reaper would make more of these true " fairy tale " figure sets...(Capt. Hook & Peter Pan)...(Tinkerbell)...(Snow White)...etc.

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