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So here's the WIP for my summer exchange mini, 03482 Lauren Silver sail, elf pirate.




She was primed white, and then washed with Army Painter "Dark" tone to bring out the shadows; this was done as a blacklining step, as well as bringing the white primer down a step.




The skin was done with the Rosy Skin triad; shown here is, I believe, Rosy Shadow.




This is where my picture taking started breaking down; I painted a lot at Paint Night with friends. Her hair is Auburn Shadow; her skirt is blood red; we're on the mid tone of Rosy Skin, and her eyes are Sapphire Blue... I think. I was ambivalent on the red hair & blue eyes combination, since I'm used to red hair and green eyes together, but my brother pulled up some pictures of Molly Queen (Alexis from Castle) and my troubles were soothed.

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Oh, and her shirt began with P3 Underbelly Blue, which was then brought up to Pure White.




We've begun the leathers here, I see; Oiled Leather for the gloves and boots, Ruddy Leather for the belt and hat. Blood Red on her lips; hair has been brought up with Carrot top Red, skirt has been shaded (Blood Red toned down with Brown Liner) and highlighted (Blood Red and Linen White).




And here she shows off her booty; I didn't WIP it, unfortunately, but it was under coated Brown Liner, the coin pile drybrushed gold, the chest done with Intense Brown and AP Weapon Bronze.

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So... a lot going on here. Looks like I've gone over the leathers with Brown Ink (Formula P3), done the sword blade (based Ultramarine Shadow; P3 Pig Iron for the base coat, P3 Cold Steel for highlights), painted the hilt (based Mahogany Brown, dry brushed P3 Blighted Gold); did more work on the booty (painted coins and sword hilt True Silver, did the lamp by the chest in P3 Brass Balls); and did her base with Army Painter Desert Yellow.


At some point in there, I did her skin Rosy Highlight, as well, and touched up her hair with Carrottop Red mixed with Linen White, since I don't have Highlight Orange to finish the Red Hair Triad.




Then I rough out the mini-diorama I have in mind...

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Begun work on the base, we have: as you saw last post, I painted the inside of this 50mm round base (Warmachine large) AP Desert Yellow, and wrote the piece's title, my handle, and the year around the lip. Then I PVA'd sand from the beach here in Virginia Beach, using brush-on sealer to lock the sand in place.



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And now the end of the series: more sand glued over the old to help the treasure chest and Lauren's little sand dune blend in.



And then pictures were taken, she was packed up, and shortly after she went to her new home in Georgia. ::):


Hope you've enjoyed this series; sorry I didn't take more detailed pictures of the steps!

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