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80004: Sascha DuBois (Summer exchange 2013)


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Thanks! Somehow my post went through without some of my text - that chain is from a broken necklace that made its way into my bits box. It was just the right length to fill the distance between the integrated base and the lip of the round base I mounted the mini on. I thought it added a little extra steampunk flavor!

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She's almost as cute as my wife. ;)


This is a well done mini. I love the color selection, you did an excellent job on the red hair, I thought. The purple pants and green coat are a surprisingly good combo. I also like how your saturation (that is, how intense each color is) is constant throughout.


The picture makes the highlights look chalky, but it looks fantastic in person, even close up.


Now how to get her and Last Knight's Lauren Silversail in the same game....



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I'm so glad you like her, DispatchDave! Thanks for the compliments. The color scheme is similar to that on a PC I'm currently finishing up for one of the newest players in our D&D group, and I though it would work well for Sascha, too. I'm not terribly surprised the paints turned out a little chalky in the pictures - these particular colors used some paints that haven't aged well, and they've gotten surprisingly temperamental. I fought with the paint consistency quite a bit on the palette, but I'm quite happy with the end result - and I'm glad you are, too!


Dai-Mongar, she's a blast to paint, I highly recommend her. Sanael painted one last year, and I was delighted that we got another copy in the Vampire box of Bones so I could have a turn at painting her as well. The chain base is super easy to do, except for that last link. To make it look a little more like a continuous chain, I split a link in half. After the rest of the chain was glued down to the base, I added that link to close up the gap. It looked a little too bright compared to the rest of the model as-is, so I gave it a couple of coats of matte sealer, then did some washes to bring out the chain detail and mute the natural metallic sheen a bit. Have fun with it!

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      I painted my first santa with a black primer.   It took about 4 or 5 layers to get red to actually show and not look washed out.  I just happened across a youtube video where Paintman Journeying was talking about how laying pink under red will help coverage and saturation.   Was worth a try for how many red clothes characters i was about to do. 
      I then took all of them to base coat with airbrush. And not only that, it gave me a great way to go through more of the BCA pink i have 5 bottles of.   Finally i can use it on more things!   Warning for others: BCA pink has weird coverage. It's very very very very chalky. I hadn't noticed it on my small parts i use to paint it on like tongues or trinkets, but on big areas i really noticed.  
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      I've read the various Reaper Bones help threads, many of which are very old (and one sent me to Facebook, though it looks like it's no longer available.  I don't do social media anymore, so not sure?). 
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