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Group shot of 3 recent mini projects; 2 Hell Dorado, 1 Reaper Skeleton

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Haven't had much time to paint lately, what with the newest addition to the family and all (it's a girl!), but here are some that I managed to finish before the baby came. The two on the left are Hell Dorado figures, Ashoka and Imperial Sentinel, respectively. And the bow-toting bag of bones there is a classic Reaper Dark Heaven skeleton. The Hell Dorado figures could stand to be touched up; there's a few dings and spots where the paint has rubbed away slightly.


Of course, feel free to click the thumbnail for a slightly better view.


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    • By Mutilatedlips
      I held onto this model for a long time, a few years in hopes to get my skills up to the point of being happy with him.  One of my favorite sculpts. 




    • By Citrine
      This is Cipher Studios SKU 3016, Ashoka from their Hell Dorado line.  I had trouble finishing this one, it lingered on the paint desk half done for months.  I had wanted to do NMM on it, but like normal I chickened out and went with shaded metallics.  The mini also has quite a lean, but I didnt want to break it off its base to fix it.

    • By Mutilatedlips
      Another for a friend. I love Hell Dorado stuff.




    • By Mutilatedlips
      Looks sort of like a Tengu to me. This was part of the first batch of minis I had purchased a few years back. Re-discovered him inside my box of models to eventually get to...and finally got to the tengu. 
      Couple of large pics
      Normal sized
    • By buglips*the*goblin
      This miniature I've had for a while, since about 2008.  I tried painting her a while ago, but I got stuck.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I find painting horses to be very difficult - mostly because my colours just never seemed quite right.
      In November, I had to lay in supplies for over winter and that meant buying the last of my paint restocks from Coat D'Arms.  While I was there, I noticed in their military line they had some Horse Tone colours.  I figured, hey, why not?  At least they'd probably wind up the proper colour. 
      So Ms. Redstorm here was my first try using Coat D'Arms 224 Horst Tone Bay.  The other horse tones are Dun, Chestnut, and Roan.  If anybody is interested in seeing these in use, I have a number of horses and will be ordering more in a few days so I can do a WIP to show the different ones.  Having pre-mixed horse colours simplifies the task quite a lot, and four colours is enough to add variety to a mounted group.  I really enjoyed painting this miniature, and I never thought painting a horse would be so much fun. 
      Also, if you're wondering why I filed off the intricate design of her shield that shows in store photos it's because her on-foot version (Vanessa of the Blade) I painted some time ago came with some pitting on the shield.  As it was not enough to really bother complaining about, I merely filed it off and painted a simple quartered pattern.  Since the mounted version should match my footed version, I did the same here. 
      So if you want to see a WIP of the horse tone colours, let me know!  I'll pick 4 Reaper horsepeople out of my collection when the new ones come in and paint 'em up.
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