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Metal Kale Nolan with Bones treasure chest

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Thanks for the kind words! I'm still fairly new to painting - this guy is for my own PC, and he was about the ninth or tenth figure I've finished so far. The trickiest part was getting him to not fall over. With a metal figure up top and just plastic and cork on the bottom, he was quite top-heavy. I ended up filling the base with Liquid Gravity, then stuffing a quarter under it all. He's rather stable now.


I've been looking through the other awesome threads in this forum, and it occurs to me that a decent background would be a civlised thing to do in my future pictures.


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The crowbar belongs to Violet, the party's bard (played by my wife). He's totally in love with her and she has no clue, but she happily loans him her crowbar when he asks nicely. The crudely-painted, stylized 'V' on the front face of the shield looks crude because it was an after-market modification by my character.


The chest jumping-off thing is just for fun (and not at ALL because my Kickstarter package arrived the same week as the mini). Balor, my ranger, is somewhat modeled after Captain America, so I wanted to evoke that dynamic movement of The Cap. I also rotated his red, white, and blue colour palette into burgundy, turquoise, and amber, with a little indigo for the fourth colour.

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Nice painting, but why is he leaping off the treasure chest with a crowbar? Does he know there's a trap?


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