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“Come over and play board games!” they said. “It’ll be fun!”

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Heh, nice chart :) Still, I totally disagree with it on a couple of points:

  • AGOT can be played with a random-deck to make battles pretty random.
  • Battlestar is not a 2h game if you cannot use more than 2h. (Murphy dictates that if you have exactly time for one game, the first one take an hour! :( )
  • Dominion does have a lot of hard choices :P (Then again, I used to hang out at isotropic)
  • The chart should really have a "how many are you" question!



Yep, Munchkin and Robo Rally cannot be played with overly competitive people.


The first RoboRally tournament I played, when it got to the last turn I figured I couldn't make it to the next check point so I'd try to kill someone else... the points loss from dying dropped her from 3rd to 4th so she decided to give up something else she'd already paid for the following day to play the other RR tournament.


RR is fun! :D I've never had a problem with competive people and it, but I guess we've been pretty good at getting into the right mood ;)

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Risk is also fun for a hour and then gets super boring! We have it but hardly play it


Boss monster was fun but just seem not to play it much any more


Thinking of getting clue (cluedo where I was born) recommend it? And I should get trivial pursuit just so it's there


Scrabble is where it's at! And I seem to win most of the time even though I can't spell! (I don't get it either)!

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Risk is also fun for a hour and then gets super boring! We have it but hardly play it



Apparently my dad once played Risk for a whole weekend, without falling asleep. These were the days there was no interwebs and TV stopped playing after midnight, I guess they had to figure out something to do with their time.

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One aspect I look for in a good game is how easy it is to run away with it. My memories of playing monopoly are filled with instances where someone started picking up momentum early and it soon became clear they were going to win -- even though there was still an hour or two left in the game. That's not fun for anyone except the guy/gal running away with it.


The same problem exists in 40k -- "So, I just stand here for 30 minutes while you take your turn and shoot the crap out of my guys?"


For me, it's important that the game stays close for most of the game and that players are engaged. So, Infinity v. 40k where you can react to the acting player. Alchemist where players are usually around the same score until the final tallys are done. As awesome as Catan is, it can be troublesome to play if you find yourself with bad placement and/or fenced off by other players.


For friendly boardgame nights, co-op is where it's at.

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