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attachicon.gifHe's an elf cleric with the Travel domain who spends a lot of time flying.

lol, and here I was thinking "WTF is he doing on a roof" ::):

clever idea to present the character.


Maybe he's a sniper?


Excellent work on this! I like the rooftop, too.

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Thanks for the praise! My brother finally got to play with him last night, and he was noticeably thrilled (he has a disability, so that was big). He *loves* comic books, so I aimed for a superhero feel with the high-contrast, vibrant colours. It's actually kind of funny how different this mini's art style looks from the rest of the group's figures I've painted with more blended colour schemes. I plan to make the group's leader have a combo blend/contrast style to make the party look more cohesive as a whole.


FWIW, the roof is made from planks of 5mm cork all pinned together, with one big pin running from the archer's left foot, through the walls, all the way down under the base itself. The crossed lumber beams in front are chunks I broke off an empty box of Cubans. (Yay for Canada!) If I were to do it over again, I would have used a file with a much sharper edge to make the roof tiles. For a first attempt, though, I'm satisfied. :)


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