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03361: Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen


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Well I just finished her and thought I would share how she ended up turning out. I really like how she came out I spent quite abit of time on the red skirt and I am really pleased how that worked. I welcome questions comment and crtiqus. You can't really see her eyes in the pics but I think that they turned out well my best eyes yet.





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First off, I like it.


So, here's my Constructive Criticism:

The color combinations and contrast work well with the mini. I tend to expect drow (dark black/grey/purplish skin) rather than the pale skinned dark elves of GW fame. This is a good thing, as this makes this mini that muh more imposing how you've painted it. The areas are clearly defined, although they could use a little lining between the colors. I might recommend washing the skin with a slightly darker tone (it looks like you used a "pale" or "elf" skin tone, I'd recommend a "dwarf" skin tone or something along that nature). This will help line along the clothing and really help to define the mini for you.


The shadows and highlights could be pushed upwards a bit based on the photo. It may be the camera causing that question in my mind as well, so I am not pinning this on you. What I might do, what ShadowRaven suggested to me with one of mine, is to take Shaeress outside, put a piece of grey construction paper behind her, and then take some photos. The white balance generally won't get too far off, so you may not even have to get into any programs like photoshop, GIMP, or even Fireworks to do that adjustment.


These are all lessons I've had to learn, and my lining isn't the best, but it's getting better, and going outside for your photo will bring out details you didn't even realize were there (I know this from experience with my "here there be dragons" entry).

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Well to be quite honest I never intnded to paint her as a drow, she is going to be the modle for my exalted charicter. Yes my "camera" is responsible for some things in the pic I use my galexy s3 camra since that is all i have. I have never really lined or washed my minitures though I should start I theoreticly know how it is done, I acutally used wet blending (i think) for the first time on this mini on her skirt. I use Microsoft Picture manager to adjust my pics with the auto correct but thats about it.

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I'd try a wash on a mini that is... less important (the heresy!) than your gaming miniature. That's what I love about Bones, which is where I've been able to experiment with different techniques that I wouldn't otherwise try on a metal mini. My strumpet from the pulp contest was used in that respect, as was a metal mini I wanted to experiment with a rust effect (which I was pleased with and have used since).


What I do for washes, and I use Vallejo Game and Model colors, is use a drop of liquitex matte medium (purchased in the paint aisles at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or similar), then add my water. For some reason, this seems to help keep the paint from completely separating into it's different pigments and it helps keep the wash where I want it to go (a big plus!).


And the MS Pic Manager is a fine program, you could also try, if free, photoshop elements (it does a great white balance on my PC). I'm not sure since I have a fakeberry (an old LG model that looks like a Blackberry. I use a PC for my web time).


The more techniques you try, the more you will decide your own style. I have yet to work with Wet Blending with anything other than mixing fresh paint over a still-wet ink wash.


I hope this helps and happy painting!


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