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Animals: Ponies, Rats, Rotisserie Chicken


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Hi folks,


Welcome to the zoo. Today we have an assortment of animals on display. First up are pack ponies from megaminis (note: the moulds were recently sold to Turnkey Miniatures).



Second up, rats!




And last (but not least), the chicken!




Go ahead, break off a leg! :;):


Thanks for reading, hope you like them.

Close-ups of the pics above.

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redambrosia: I actually have no idea where that chicken came from, lol. Some internet stranger in the UK sent it to me for free. He was really nice. He also sent me a miniature rack of ribs. It looked like a GW sprue but I wasn't sure. If anybody knows, please share?


Darsc: Thanks! It's amazing what a bit of static grass will do to a monotonous brown paint job. The photos are horrible, though, they're much nicer IRL. :poke:


The ponies are a big hit with my D&D crowd. I hope Reaper will do more non-combat figs, maybe expanding their townsfolk line to include village animals etc.

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There's been agitation in the KS comments for pack animals. These guys do a pack giant rat for all your dungeon freight needs, but you have to email 'em and ask: http://www.fortressfigures.com/cgi-bin/fortstore/commerce.cgi


Wait no! Here he is! http://www.fortressfigures.com/cgi-bin/fortstore/commerce.cgi?cart_id=1381472903.20524&product=Fortress_Relics&pid=41




PS: I love the rotisserie trap. Is it for halflings, or down-on-their-luck wilderness adventurers? :D

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