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Pledge Calculator/Manager Questions


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If we had an account for the previous kickstarter pledge calculator, should our old login still work or do we have to create a new one?


Just asking because I tried mine and it didn't.






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If we had an account for the previous kickstarter pledge calculator, should our old login still work or do we have to create a new one?


Just asking because I tried mine and it didn't.

It'll be for whatever email address you're pledging to this Kickstarter under.
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It will stay the same. From Reaper in Update #38:


Creator Reaper Miniatures 1 day ago

@Cassandra - it's the Core 30 offered at minute one. There is a graphic on the homepage of the project that breaks down the Extra Sets.
@Adhuin: The 2013 Core Set shipping rate is not going to increase from this point even as new items are added.

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You will have to pay taxes. I forget where I read it, but Reaper confirmed there would be sales tax for Texas residents.



As a Texan, I notice the pledge calculator is adding sales tax any one know if we actually have to pay sales tax on a kickstarter?


Here is the link. It was one of OneBoot's compilations of KS comments in the KS II Discussio thread.

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