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Happy Bear's Chromatic Globe

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Hey all! I returned to my parents' home for Thanksgiving this week, and I realized I had a TON of junk in my old bedroom. I threw out 3 large bags of trash, and I even threw out a little pink-and-purple snowglobe with two lovey-dovey teddy bears inside. Yuck, girls! What was this doing in my room?!


..But when I looked back into the garbage bag, I didn't see a girly snowglobe. I saw a delicious piece of dungeon dressing.


I reached into the garbage and took out Happy Bear's Chromatic Globe.


Check it out:




Woah, what's that? It fits exactly on a 2" base?!


Here's the "Happy Bear" part:




Yeah, I could have milliputtied it out, but it's so much more badass this way.


Plus, IT GLOWS!!!


A cutout in the styrene base allows access to the switch and the batteries.




imgur link.


Thanks for stopping by. ::):Hope you like it!


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