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Robin's WIP...


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Okay... Couldn't resist! Found him super cheap on e-bay so there's one heading here in a few days... Although it'll be a few months before I get to it. Maybe I'll wait until winter so I can get some inspiration, especially if we have another crazy one like we did this winter!

Choose a pile of Mini's you would like to paint and

Prime them during the early fall. Hold them on the shelf for the winter indoor periods.

I prime 40 miniatures (thank you Reaper) and keep them on the desk to spur me to paint them.

Just choose wisely; other wise you have a bunch of primed mini's waving their swords, spears, or spells at you;

with you having NO interest in painting them !



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Pixel   I did have a wash on the legs but after my NOOB mistake of basing without sealing first I had to repaint the various limbs.  I will have to go back and do a pointed wash at the joints.  Possibly the same for the small legs as well to give them some more character.

That would be a great idea, and it is a habit that a lot of us are developing I believe.

That "Concentrated, direct "Lining" really works to isolate, and allow you to highlight a feature of the miniature!

(From one that gropes in the dark sometimes, and falls out a window into the sunlight).


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My winter exhange attempt.   My recipient wanted a mini to work into an Oberron setting and had a desire for purple as a color. I ordered a mini from Reaper and waited paitiently (read that as  checked every day/hour for the tracking to show it was on its way) but got nervous so decided to paint up a standby mini just in case. I chose a bones figure from KS1 that seems to be no longer in production.   Kyra, Female Iconic Cleric

post-12816-0-88439000-1397353206_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-68499400-1397353195_thumb.jpg


Then while working on her (and having no clue whats fits into an Oberron setting) I decided some basic bad guys might be a better sub (they were mentioned in the survey) so I did up some bones kobolds .. 2 factions in different shades of purple.. one I based.

post-12816-0-25908500-1397352280_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-00267000-1397352290_thumb.jpg

post-12816-0-10424200-1397352299_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-52196300-1397352308_thumb.jpg



and finally the day arrived that I received the big bad guy that I thought would fit into the setting and so here he is!

77013: Minotaur

post-12816-0-16349600-1397352566_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-85677700-1397352580_thumb.jpg

post-12816-0-99838300-1397352644_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-58078700-1397352665_thumb.jpg



I hope they work in the setting you were planning GF. :;):





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Wow, nice job on Kyra and on the minotaur!  Somehow the minotaur is so much more frightening with a skin tone that looks so human.  ^_^. Apparently I was very behind on this thread, your owlbear was also really well done.  Mine is sitting at my desk and it's just one enormous brown lump.  :upside:

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Ok I know I have not been posting much (or least not on my own thread) lately.  Work has a tendency to interfere with painting time.  But I have started on a dragon.  I wanted a blue dragon but you may have noticed I got lost on the color wheel when it came to doing the wings!




I hope you like the WIP shots and any comments or critques/suggestions would be very appreciated... 


post-12816-0-68410900-1401315445_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-39020100-1401315454_thumb.jpg



Then I went and started the wings... they are blue .. I swear.




(maybe I am looking at the wrong side of the color wheel) :blink:



Oh well in for a penny in for an orange!



And then in natural daylight (after a light coating of sepia)





Apparently my editing of my typos caused me to screw up the order of the files... corrected I hope with this post.


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Hey you're back! I'm liking this color scheme.... I think the orange goes very well with the blue, as does the yellow. I think the trick will be to get the yellow and the orange to not clash too much. Can't wait to see how he turns out!


It looks like you've got a lot of other things in the work too in the background... 

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Yes I did UB3R Thats what inspired me to give it shot. Now If I can only figure out why the last pic is the first pic and how to put them back together properly so the post actually makes sense.

Thanks Kharsin..There are way to many contests on the go and I can't resist so I have multiple irons in the proverbial fire... now if I could only find a match to actually get a fire lit :blush:

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Finally managed to get the midtone on the scales..   


Here is a shot with basic lighting off of my work bench..


comments.. suggestions..criticsm is fully accepted and appreciated. :;):



Right side..post-12816-0-36026700-1402151463_thumb.jpg


Left side..post-12816-0-49135300-1402151421_thumb.jpg


and from above.. post-12816-0-22764000-1402151443_thumb.jpg


This is after a armour wash (P3) and a light dry/wet brush with Reaper Cyan Blue

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Ok I have reached the stage where I am calling it DONE!....


I tried to do the underbelly multiple times and I have settled on the current off yellow glazed color. I added it to a base and painted up the bones treasure chest to go with it and then added a touch more gold (can't have that small a horde for such a large dragon).  Of course my camera work leaves a lot to be desired but it is what I can do.  Enjoy.


First  here's looking at you!



then from the right


and the left



and finally (slightly out of focus) the chest


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