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So I was cleaning my brushes today and afterwards I made a new brush cleaning dip cup. Usually when I add brush cleaner to water it just foams up a little like soap, but today it's acting like oil and water and it has a stronger smell. It always has it's soapy chemical smell, but today, when I add it to the water it's stronger, strong enough to make my scalp tighten with the onset of a chemical headache.


I checked our water and it's fine, nothing there.


So, can the winsor & newton brush cleaner/restorer go bad?

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I got it a few months ago. I dilute some it to wash my brushes while I'm painting, just swish them around after a bit to get any intense amounts of paint off, particularly for my mixing brushes. I have a separate bottle for soaking my brushes when they need to be restored.


The thing is, I've diluted it before and it's never done this. It's really weird and kinda freaky.

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Well, the oil & water effect went away and it's acting normal now. The strong smell went away too. Maybe I just never noticed it before... I do tend to fail my observation checks. Makes me wish I hadn't poured the first batch down the drain... :blink:

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      So this has probably been asked, I've looked around the internet and can't really find any concrete answers. I have the W&N brush cleaner and restorer. I have some dying brushes. How do I use this stuff? Like how long do I need to soak the brushes? Do I even need to soak them, can I just dip it and leave it on for a while? If I have to leave it soaking how do I hold my brushes up without letting them rest on the tip of the brush? 
      I have master's cleaner and I've used that pretty regularly but these brushes are too far gone for just that and since I have it I figure I might as well try it.
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