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Amazon Snake Women from Mars!

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great job. i like the skin you've done, and the conversion to the lamia is very effective and makes the model more dynamic.

i've always had a thing for snake people and a have a big collection of them built up - i think you just inspired me to break them out o' the box.

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Great job, and as a bonus, Miss Wheap'n Sphru gave you lot of extra arms for other conversions...

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    • By Crowley
      As November's Hangout Figure of the Month, we picked Medusa 77037/02833. Now, because of boobs, I can't share most of my pics of her.
      However you can see them at my blog:
      Part 1

      Part 2

      At this point I just need to touch up a few spots, flock the base, and she's done!
    • By Maledrakh
      I had Anthrax' song "Medusa" grinding away in my head all the time I was painting this. I wonder why,,,
      Time to break out those mirrors...

      Check out the frontal beauty shot at my blog. 
      I actually picked this one to be part of my "evil" Frostgrave warband, as an archer or marksman.
      77037: Medusa
      Reaper Miniatures
      Bones PVC, KS1
      30mm base
    • By Loth
      Hello All,
      Thought I'd place some pics of things I've been painting or getting around to painting. I usually paint these mini's for either tabletop RPG (D&D and Shadowrun currently) and wargaming (Infinity and Warhammer   ). I am a long time lurker here and really haven't been able to get my stuff together and get all my mini's painted. Guess that means I have a long life ahead of me.
      So my goal is to try and paint two mini's per week, something that goes with one of my armies or something just ridiculous. I enjoy reading everyone's posts and see how helpful it is for people to keep their notes and progress in public. Helps keep one motivated. Which gets back to the title, I've got three little girls all under the age of 11, so getting any freetime to get painting done is a struggle but its very relaxing...mostly. 
      So first off I'll show what I did last week; its a twofer picture with something from Reaper and another from Corvus Belli. The Reaper mini (left) is #50082 - Cobra, Modern Ninja and the CB mini is the Pan Oceania Spec Ops guy. I've been using the Reaper Triads paints because it makes a lot of my paint matching/blending fairly easy. It's hard to tell but the front of the Spec Ops guy has the PanO symbol but the sunlight washed it out...

      Here they are from the back. Not sure why but I got a bug in my bun about naming my PanO guys since they're for a skirmish game and now I'm painting it onto the back of all my human mini's.

      So my current WiP is #60010, the Lamia, Xeno...something, should have written the name down. I'm also doing a Corvus Belli Croc man with a boarding shotgun (no image yet). For those of you who play Warhammer or are familiar with the rules, I'm using her as a Fiend of Slaanesh. The army colors are primarily blue and white with occasional Orange or green highlights and the bases are snow and rock. 
      While doing research on snakes I discovered a couple of things, snakes can be really really colorful and each scale can be multiple colors (hooray I don't have to stay inside the lines). So for reference I'm basing her scales on a Malaysian Blue Coral snake (http://static2.fjcdn.com/comments/Yu+like+yes+_4b8ff5f3cf8402d156eb7d9c2f31d30d.jpg) . The difficulty I find myself having right now is what colors to paint her belly scales. 

      Any suggestions? 
      Thanks for looking and feel free to make comments.
    • By Zdoze
      Ok. So this is my first show off post. I haven't based her yet, so I wouldn't call her "finished"...
      Also this has helped me realize I need to up my photography game, but I'm posting anyway because "Done is the agent of More" :)
      I'll break out my real camera and some better lighting in the near future.
      EDIT: Improved pictures (still need better lighting for future posts)


      Heavily influenced by Derek Schubert's excellent work.
    • By Mad Jack
      Another one of my recent quick-and-dirty conversions, and a quick-and-dirty paint job on it... I wasn't bothering to shoot for anything more than tabletop quality on this, as it was all about the conversion. The Bones Mariel Twinspar mounted on the bottom half of 77037 the Bones Medusa, with a fish tail sculpted on the end. Most of the detail on the tail is actually painted on rather than sculpted.
      My second mini for the month of Feb.
       For obvious reasons I'm naming her Cap'n Morganna...lol

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