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Thread: Reaper Limited Edition Sci-fi Sophie diorama


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Finally after weeks of working on this Sophie herself makes an appearance! So let's give Yotsuba a bigger break. I did this all in one night (ie 1.5 hrs) so a big pet on the back for myself. I guess at this rate I can finish a table top quality mini in about 2 nights... (next up, massive BONES painting haha) Anyhow this is how far I got, really not bad if I may say so myself.




Took me a while to decide on the color scheme, but I guess it works out. I think the hair looks fine, give a good contrast against the blue suit. I'd give it a brown wash and bright red highlights, although that would be challenging as some of the hair gets very close to the face.... next time I really should do a better and more complete base coat for the hair before starting on the face....


I think the armor plates works, it was painted with Reaper Terran Khaki (09122). I am lazily relaying on using the Khaki paint set for anything that's white or light color. The best part of the set is the variation you can get out of it: if I want it to appear whiter I just add more highlights, and if I want it darker towards grey I just put in more shadow.


And yes, the eyes. Look at her eyes. Dotting the eye is something that I had practices so many time for so long. These are easy to do bigger eyes, so it was very easy for me. Lips was good with a bigger lower lips so the catch light on the lips is easier to put on. Notice I haven't put up a close up of her face coz I haven't figure out the highlights yet and there are a lot of annoying tiny spots that I missed on her hair, where the grey prime is showing... Next time I would definitely do a pure white overall highlight on the prime before starting to paint.




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