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Novelty Fantasy Vignette...Bikini Beach Club

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FIGURE...HASSLEFREE (# HFH029)...Beach Babe Libby


NOTE...This is the (2nd) vignette from my (WIP) list of projects for Oct/Nov 2013...This is a simple novelty vignette that was completely scratch built (except for figure) on a (4" x 4") wooden base...(3" x 3") ceiling tile.


I hope that you enjoy this simple little piece...it was fun to work on and execute.



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I love all these little vignettes that you do. The details, the execution and the imagination to create these little scenes is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

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      This is the piece I did for @Leopardpixie. This was a labor of love as I did the water effect in that magnitude for the first time.
      Hope you enjoy it. 
      C&C welcome.

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      I figured we could all use a little bit of Summer about now. 

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      I could use some help pushing this forward. I have just about reached the end of what I am willing to do with this piece. But I really want to make it better. The concept is an adventuring party stumbles on a pool on the beach and everyone cautiously approaches, well almost everyone. There is always someone in the party who just has to provoke the easy kill.
      All done with DSM critters. I still plan to add some beach grasses and with the pictures, I can see some blending and touch up issues but I would really welcome some critique on where I can improve these guys. Between work travel and some medical issues I haven't had the time to paint that I would like and my entries are reduced
      The pieces are in their pin holes but not attached yet as I'm still messing around with positioning. If closeups are helpful I can still take them
      Thanks for any advice you care to share!

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