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03433: Corim the Kestrel, Gnome Sorcerer

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Nice, clean work. Please do give the fellow some eyebrows. :;):


The OSL looks inconsistent, but it's a good start. The fact that he has black hair and a black jacket makes it easier to show the effect of the OSL, so those are good choices. But remember that if an object on the figure is emitting light, then you should be adding lighter paint (possibly with some color to it) to the paint-job that you would have done if there were no OSL; are the dark blue tips of his red sash supposed to indicate the effect of the blue glow or is the sash dyed to have blue ends? One hint: on figures with OSL, make the whole figure a little darker than you normally would, so you leave yourself room to add the glowy-light values ... or at least don't apply the final highlights on anything, and then add the OSL highlights, and then add the non-OSL highlights to a level that looks right.


I've posted some thoughts on OSL on the Forum over the years:

http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27379-pondering-osl/ (see my post #3)

http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40729-nanuranidd-dark-elf-sorcerer (my post #5)

And other people have had suggestions and questions and experiments in OSL.

You can search for "OSL" or "light", with or without my handle ("dks").

It may be rewarding to make discoveries all by yourself, but not always.


Good luck with the next figure -- and with the Eberron campaign!



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Please do give the fellow some eyebrows. :;):


*runs screaming from the room*


I don't think anyone has done as much for eyebrow awareness as DKS.


Thanks for the OSL links, I'm about to embark on what is sure to be a less than satisfactory entry into the technique :wow: I had originally planned to do the whole color shift thing, but the theory did get quite steep quite quickly (not helped by the main light source being moonlight)...so it will probably end up a 'paint bomb'.


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Nice, clean work. Please do give the fellow some eyebrows. :;):


Mission accomplished!




Thanks so much for the critique and the links, Derek. Yes, that sash is certainly a failed attempt at working the lighting effect--I knew it didn't look "right," and now I have a better idea as to why. I can also see some places where I could have done a little more to brighten things a bit more overall on his upper torso - I think I was a little scared that the the hair and cloth would stop reading as black if I pushed it too much further, but it might actually serve to enhance the effect now that I study it a bit more. I'll definitely be putting some of your tips and tricks into practice on the next model, and continue exploring and researching the technique.


Thanks again for the feedback, everyone. I appreciate the encouragement!

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Good eyebrows! Thanks.

I understand your concern about the black ceasing to look black if you highlight it too much. That's true, if you made the highlights lighter than the material would realistically allow. The material that you're simulating will affect how high you can take the highlights; OSL on black cloth won't be very light (and maybe with only a hint of blue), but OSL on shiny black silk or leather will show bright highlights in a purer blue, because the light is reflecting off of the shiny surface. And you'll need bright highlights to make those objects look like realistic "shiny black". (Do an image-search for black objects in a variety of materials -- for example, just look up Darth Vader and you get a cloth cloak, leather sleeves and gloves, and a polished plastic helmet. You can see how high the highlights on each material go, under various lighting conditions. Or do image-searches for black leather jackets, black hair, etc.)

Anyway, when you've had enough theory for one day, it's time to get to back to painting!



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Anyway, when you've had enough theory for one day, it's time to get to back to painting!

This is why I am considering painting multiple projects at once, thus far I only paint one at a time. But the gap between projects when I'm just doing pure research without painting can drag on when I have a good block of painting time :)

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      Hello everyone, here are pictures of the last Dark Dwarf I painted for my Duergar squad. I converted a 44109, Enlarged Dark Dwarf Smiter sculpted by Bobby Jackson to make it look more like a Striker. I changed the original hammer head for a 3D printed two sided meat tenderizer and added the eye patch. Thanks to Derek feedback, I really pushed myself on this one. I think I spent something like 3 or 4 hours on the beard only. It is standing on a 2 inches square base. The ball and chain are made of Milliput and a 3mm hobby chain. Your comments are welcome. Group pictures coming soon.















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      2nd mini painted this weekend for Paint Club.  I admit this one posed some interesting challenges that I'm not super thrilled about.  Most of that is related to the lack of details to really draw out, but it also highlights my lack of ability to know how to help highlight that muddled scuplt.  
      * Majority of Blink being armor made the choice for colors fairly easy.  I once again used the combo of the Gunmetal and Aluminum as the pairing.  I like it! 
      *  The purple and red seem to be an okay choice for the only real two tones in this model, but I'd like a bit more color.  Still a win.
      *  I really went back around 4 times to fix the skin.  I found that there were some mold lines I didn't quite scrape off that frustrated me, but even so the colors seem okay.  Reaper send me a SAMPLE color that's like THE COLOR of flesh that works in a pinkish hue that I love.  LOVE.
      *  The checkering I added to the helm seems to be a fun detail and helps bring out some of the helmet forward.  
      *  I used black ink to do black-lining which helped show separation between all of the plates.  Win!
      *  Eyes came out great.  I wanted to go back and add that little sparkle in the corner of the eye, but I think we all know that one-step-too-far we all can take when it's good enough and then it gets screwed up.  Holding back was the way to go.
      *  Trying a lot harder to work the hair with highlights.  Did a brown base, lined with brown liner between the strands, then highlighted with brown sand.  Works?  I think so.
      *  The dark lining I end up with around the eyes needs to be drawn back further.  I can't seem to get around that.  It was really present around my Lysette work and shows up strong in this one, too.  Wah wah.
      *  I tried using brown liner to bring out the detail in the plates.  Wasn't strong enough and too runny in its medium, so I had to swap to black ink.  
      *  Not sure I'm a fan of the shield mix of tones with Gunmetal and Aluminium.  I think I need input there from y'all.
      *  The horsehair helmet with purple and red...may have been a bit much.  Color recommendations?
      *  I liked using a pinkish color for that vial hanging on her belt, but is it too bright?
      Overall, this little model was not the easiest due to the carve of the model.  I do think that this was a great test to see how I could add to it, but still so much to learn on improving things like this with more free hand.
      Any thoughts?

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      I’ve been going through BONES I mostly in order, doing several WIP.  This was the next.  I wanted to try to improve on my OSL so he got a green magic glowing gem.  Still not great, but the idea comes across.
      Link to WIP.
      I didn’t bother trying to paint his eyes due to the extreme shadowing...

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      This one was done for Season 2 of the Vancouver Miniature Painting Club. It is Jexx the Small Bomba by Big Child Creatives. He's a 75mm scale figure, but he's smaller as a little goblin, perhaps 40mm in height total.
      Most folks got a good cast of the goblin. Mine was terrible. Ear was chipped in two places, and I only found one part to glue back. The ankle had deep cracks in it, and indeed, did break at one point and I had to repair it. Had mold slip and really bad mold lines. The edge of the hat had crumbly resin. He had a huge blob of excess resin on his nose next to an air bubble - that took a knife, filing, and filling to get to normal goblin nose.
      So.... I wasn't super into this one.
      But it was good practice on OSL and non-human skin tones. I did similar to the box art on this one too. Leaned into warm hues with the torchlit side, and blues on the non-torch side. Had a rough image in my head that the pants were originally white, but he's a goblin and peed in them regularly. Overall turned out fine. Still not my favorite. Pictures are "sufficient", although again I wish I had my buddy to take better ones!
      Unlike the other projects, I did TMM on the bombs and buckles, since I was too lazy for NMM.

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