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Heresy Zombies

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Nice. Good undead skin tone, excellent basing.



This reminds me that I need to snap a few pictures of my Incursion Sturmzombies.

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Thanks! Steve Buddle brought his 'A game' when he sculpted her. The mini's downright creepy even without paint.


Next up is a zombie in search of pants. As a result I'll post a picture taken so as to preserve what little remains of his modesty and a link.



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@Darsc Zacal: You're right on target. Avoided livid, mottled skin (mostly) & the obligatory blood splatter. Tried to keep her enigmatic. Zombie, ghost, vampire? Who's to say?


@vulture: Went purplish-grey with the skin on the two larger zombies. The recipe went something like this:

Basecoat: mix of Army Painter Ash Grey (2/3) & GW Nagaroth Night (1/3).

Shading: mix of Army Painter Uniform Grey (2/3), GW Nagaroth Night (1/3) & a tiny amount of GW Chaos Black. (Subtle at this point. Used targeted washes for the heavy duty shading later.)

Highlights: Reaper Mouldy Skin added to the basecoat mix, then straight Mouldy Skin, followed by Reaper Bloodless Skin, and finally a mix of Reaper Bloodless Skin with Reaper Linen White.


Wash: Mix of GW Agrax Earthshade & Secret Weapon Soft body Black (roughly 50/50) with a touch of Secret weapon Blue. (This is applied selectively to those areas most heavily shadowed.)

Glazed a little GW Warlock Purple and Reaper Bronzed Highlight in places for some some variation of the overall tone.

Lower Lip: Reaper Military Blue

Used GW Lahmian Medium throughout (except basecoat and wash).



The girl's skin was simple by comparison: P3 Carnal Pink & Reaper Military Blue, working towards pink for the highlights and blue for the shadows. Some additional white for the brightest highlights and the same wash mix as above for the lining and deepest shadows. A glaze of GW Nagaroth Night for injured/bruised bits.


The remaining colors relied on the addition of copious ammounts of AP Ash Grey and/or Uniform Grey (with a little white or black as needed) to the paints used.

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    • By Maledrakh
      Nolzur's do make a few great monster minis, even though most -if not all- of their humanoid minis are too small, weedy and have too shallow detailing for my liking. Here is one:

      Yep, a dead head.

      50mm base.
      The main colour is Citadel Contrast Plaguebearer flesh, the rest is regular paint.
      This mini was finished September 12th 2020.
      Zombie Beholder
      Nolzur's Marvellous Miniatures, Wave 11 2020
      I have no idea who sculpted this, as WizKids do not -as far as I know- publish this info.
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      I've got more dead things for you today.  @Igormortis isn't the only one looking for some dirty dead!  Here's my little collection of swamp zombies.

      The crowning jewel of this set is of course the Dreadmere Wight from Bone 4 Dreadmere.

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      Along side him we have a repainted Zombie from D&D Giants of Legend prepaints (#40).

      I've had this guy for ages, way before i learned to play D&D or ever picked up a mini brush.  His paintjob was pretty bland and I definitely think I (un)livened him up.  Would make a great shaman-type mini.

      And filling out the horde we have the Zombies from the Castle Ravenloft board game.  Again.  Rather bland sculpts, but I like them a lot more now.  Their weird posture was the inspiration for the swamp theme as I imagined them pulling themselves up out of the muck.

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      Crawling back from the dead here with this fun little handful of zombies!  Added some gravestones to a few of them using popsicle sticks.  Just good ole' classic grave crawling zombies.  Went for a dusty color palette.
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    • By Inarah
      Unknown female vampire figure I picked up in a boxed game set.  Can't remember the exact name or manufacturer.  Box art showed them in purple, I wanted to explore other colors.  I see her as the kind of vampire that likes to play with her food and enjoys a bit of lively sport. I have 2 of her sisters to do in other colors. 

      The photo is a bit washed out from the flash.  Her skin is a pale grey, different than her white gloves.  Casting on the face is strange, she has an odd shaped mouth, and no nose so I painted one on. 
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