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Reaper painting bottle, tip for the top


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So, was pulling out the paints last night to figure out what colors I wanted to paint some golems, my smart and crafty wife was nearby - looking at the bottles she said, seems like the top was made to hold a drop of paint... with that we setup all of the paint containers and added a spot of paint to them.


Don't know if its been done before/shared/etc, but I thought it was worth sharing:


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When I used paint puts, i would paint my rune on the lid in that colour. Same purpose, plus an identifier at Paint Night.


Had no idea what this was until I kept reading the sentence. IDing your paint pots at paint night or any shared paint situation is a good idea, though. If they're your friends, you ought to get all your paints back that way.


I doubt they have any of them anymore, but for a while Reaper was using a cap without an indentation due to a supplier problem. You can still mark them in a similar way.

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