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I'm sure most of you have seen those misogynistic "male gamers only!" ads for various online video games such as "Wartune" - clumsy RTS rip offs that pander to the lowest common denominator with their marketing.


Or... are they? Perhaps there's a deeper, darker reason they want men only to play their game? Perhaps it's not pandering but... a warning?


::D: I got a giggle out of this when it came up on another forum, so I thought I would share (in the manner of our peoples).

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Hrmm... Maybe I should wait till I get home to click on that... or have my hubby click on that. Or maybe not have anyone click on that at all... :rock:


It's safe for work, couple of small images from the advertising used for browser games of the chainmail bikini and blouses are armour variety.

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You know, a male only game is just the type of thing I'd join and be openly female on. (Just cause I'm like that, usually I try to be androgenous for all who don't know me, reduces awkward PM's)


And then they would be all like "ewww a girl" and I'd all be like "Boom! Head shot!" Ok, just kidding I'm horrible at FPS. I'm pretty good at strategy though, which is why it has been in the past "Ok, sure we can let the girl play" (Me not noticing this conversation because I'm already figuring out which areas are economically and tactically superior) Then it's like "Oh she won just because we ignored her." and then the next game its "Crap she won/almost won even though we all ganged up on her?!" Hee hee hee. :devil:

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