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WIP Gold Dragon, from pinning to hopefully completion..

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And finally the eyes! I ended up with blue, mostly because of the inspiration from Matrissa's photos, and I just couldn't resist Anne's accent (I'm pretty sure she's got to have one).


The picture from the left hand side didn't want to turn out for whatever reason. I'll try to get another one taken one of these days. I also started thinking about doing the lizard slit of a pupil, but I kind of like the eye just as a nice blue color, which started out as sapphire blue, then marine teal, then surface foam. White was the last layer and a drop of it for a light source. With the straight on photo I don't think I capture the light source as well as I'd like, but they look okay from either side of the head.



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Looks awesome! Have you thought about doing any really dilute washes of purple into the deepest shadows? It would really add some depth. The eyes are spectacular. Are there any gems on the jewelry? If so maybe echo that blue onto them.

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Thanks for all the kind words everybody!


@Dontfear, I probably won't add any more washes. He's got quite a lot already and I don't want to have to go back and highlight again after I'd do a wash, unless I did so really strategically. I think I'm also at that point where I just want to see him done. Which brings me to my next couple of photos, at least trying to get closer....


First of all got a better picture of the other side of his face...


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And then some of the things on his tail. He has some colossal ring, that I tried to try to do as a black/grey iron dojobby and there were holes in it but there weren't scales sculpted underneath so I started working on kind of an abstract red idea. Don't know exactly how or where it went, but I'm done with it. He also had a bell on the tip of his tail with some straps holding it on. In this pictures, the bell isn't actually yet painted..


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And now I think I've got the figure more or less done, even though it might need a few touch ups. Still probably work on those in the next few days. In the meantime, I got his rings on his fingers painted, just did a steelish color and tried to get a picture, and once again, not much luck. It is scary how well my iPhone has been able to get some of these pictures though.


I also got the rocks painted and I bought a base this afternoon at Michaels where I'll put him. Used a 25% coupon and got some craft paint, color black, as well that I'll use on the base. I did start putting the black on though and it looks like a really dark grey, so I might use some other paint I have tucked away somewhere.


So will end up waiting a day, then tomorrow or the next day I'll put sealant on him and after that start getting him set up on his base.


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