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Husband and Wife Painting (60113 and 03006)

Captain jOE

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Captain, you and your wife have excellent skills.


The title for your post made me think Reaper had a couple of gag minis of a Man and a Woman sitting in metal chairs painting miniatures with a miniature folding table between them and little miniature MSP bottles on the table.

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Thanks everyone for the support! My Wife was originally not sure I should post hers. But I thought she could use some outside encouragement. I keep telling her she's talented....like really talented...


@ Thrym: lol that would actually be pretty cool. Sorry for misleading ya. Couldn't think of what else to call the topic. :P


@ Youwashock: That would be pretty cool. Would have to have a pretty lengthy deadline for entries though. So hard to find time for things like this these days.

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