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Oh there's someone else on my desk getting all October-ed up for that! She's downright themematic! I suppose he's creepy enough to be Halloweenish though, I hadn't actually considered it. ::):

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I did since Bathalians, in my mind, fall into the "classic horror" genre (especially when considering Lovecraft).


And I'm looking forward to the October-ed up desk :D


(FYI I am painting one to, for a "not-entry" since I like the theme too!)

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        Zombies are not the only ones coveting your brains...

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    • By Lorathorn
      Here is my 5th mini painted ever. I went with a very simplified color scheme (only 3-4 colors total). I want to add some more detail, especially around the eyes, but I rather like how it came out for being roughly 1.5 hours of work. If only I could get the staff to stay straight...

      Next I plan to tackle something bigger than ever before!
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      I put a spray varnish coat on the final batch of figures for 2016. This group includes three Bones for the club's ongoing Frostgrave project, two Eureka Dark Ages Archers (a Viking and a Norman) destined for Saga warbands, and a converted Bones Bathalian, who is headed for the stars. That is to say, he's going to be part of my Rogue Stars collection, for Osprey's new generic small group SF game, at least while we figure out if we'll be playing it.
      Here's to hoping for a better 2017!
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      Not a great picture, due to lighting, but I'm playing around with a Bathalian I converted with a futuristic pistol from weapons pack 55025. I dug it out for what I hope will be a near-term game of Rogue Stars, Osprey's new generic SF squad skirmish game. I'll post him again once he's based, but I suspect my Rogue Stars forces are going to get something unobtrusive in basing style.
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      I'm enjoying getting used to my newly made lightbox, going through the various minis I've recently painted.
      This was primed with Vallejo acrylic grey and painted with Humbrol enamels. I had a go at OSL and I'm not completely disappointed with how it turned out!

      Thanks for looking!
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