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Every Mann For Himself (Workbench)

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So, now that I'm home, I'm working on minis again.  While at my folks' house, I managed to finish two minis, though they still need basing.  Thought I'd get some early pictures up before I do, and maybe do a WIP for the basing.




Unfortunately, I didn't think to start taking pictures until I was just about done painting Mr. Bathalian Primarch's body.  The camera's flash washed out a lot of the detail on his body.  His lower scutes are painted with the bone triad (dirty bone, graveyard bone, splintered bone) that came from the first Kickstarter.  The arms and tentacles are more-or-less the same, except that I substituted bathalian chiton for graveyard bone.  They're very similar shades.  It just seemed right.




His back plates were done in a base of christmas wreath (one of my favorite greens), with a midshade of about half-and-half christmas wreath and the mystery shade green I got a year or so back, and edged with Vallejo Fluorescent Green.




Here he is with his head on straight.  Before placing the head, I painted the two larger tentacles and the underside.  I figured they'd be more difficult to get to later on.


You can also see a skeleton swordsman.  I used some superglue debonder to remove his shield as a test.  I actually let the debonder evaporate on the skeleton, to see if it would damage the bonesium.  Doesn't appear to.  I'll still be careful when using it in the future, but it did make it reasonably easy to remove the shield.




You can see his claws pretty well here.  They were done with walnut brown and a highlight of blackened brown.  Same with his arm spikes.  I used an activator on the superglue when placing the various parts on, and they dried within thirty seconds or so, where the Zap-a-gap I use usually takes five minutes.  So, that helped out.




Here he is, all done.  The eyes were done with a simple bit of blood red.  I might touch them up a bit later, but I think they look fairly decent.


I mean, look at that face.  How can you not fall in love with that adorable face?




Here's his good side.




Here's his other good side.




Here's the other mini I got painted while I was over here, Orson Lugrum, Evil Wizard.  Not nearly as awesome as Cash's version, of course, but I did my best.


The robes got a bit of an unintentional wash.  I thinned my Coat D'Arms Deadly Nightshade a bit more than I intended, but I liked the way it came out.  Shaded it a little further with additional mixes of deadly nightshade and various Reaper blues (ultramarine shadow, sky blue, etc.)


I'll be basing him as well once I get home.




And here are the two of them together.


Any basing suggestions?

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He was from my non-basing early days, I left it flat black. I thought it looked good but people hated it.


It was a real pain removing the broccoli base from Luther, it's about the same thickness as Orson's. Trades cutting around feet for trying to cut around the imp under Orson's robes (which I DON'T want to think about too much, really).


You'd probably have to build up around it with GS if you're going to keep it.

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If you're handy with green stuff you could just build steps around him. That's what I've been doing lately when I don't feel like removing bases. Stick em in an empty base, fill in with green stuff or some other air drying clay (depending on the size). Stone steps or tiles aren't difficult to sculpt.

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New project!


Local gaming shop has a contest going right now for holiday themed Warhammer 40K models. Now, my interest in Warhammer 40K extends purely into mocking the pauldrons, but I saw the Captain Master of the Marches, and I thought, "There's a guy checking to see who's naughty or nice. Or heretical."


So, I picked up the model, and dug out a dwarf head from Dwarf King's Hold (which I'd picked up for cheap at a used bookstore). Then I set down to painting.




Basecoats were done with HD Turf Green and Brilliant Red, MSP Pure White and Walnut Brown, Vallejo Model Colors Glorious Gold, and Citadel Ushbati Bone.


Done some basic shading on the larger areas of red and green. Gonna do a bit more, then use glazes of clear red and clear green to smooth out transitions. A few more bits need painting, like the leather bag at his side, and the relic/scroll/whatever it is by the book. Need to paint on some writing on the scrolls, then I'll use Citadel Agrax Earthshade to get them looking like old parchment.


Once I have all that done, I'll move onto the next bit. Probably the head or the scroll. Other parts are his arms, the back thing, and the cherub.

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Finished with the body. The head's not actually attached yet, I just tossed it on to get a feel for how it looked. I've also finished the list, which has Nice, Naughty, and Heresy. Used a micron pen, since my freehand isn't up to anything like that fine of detail. Looks ugly, but it's the best I can do and still have it readable.

Next part will be painting most of the head, except the top (where I plan to sculpt a santa hat). After that, it's the cherub, the back thingy, and his arms. Then basing. I've got some basius stamps, so I want to give one of them a go, see how they compare to Happy Seppuku stamps.
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Okay, got a bit more done on Commissar Kringle. Sculpted a hat and mostly finished up the cherub.




Needs a little more clean-up. The base has a basic texture stamped on with one of my Happy Seppuku stamps (mud/snow), but that's just to make sure it's not all just smooth. There'll be snow flocking added on over it, so I'm not too concerned about fingerprints and the like. The head needs a little clean-up here and there, but it should be easy enough to do.


Scroll was done with GW Ushbati Bone and Agrax Earthshade. Names were written with a micron pen. I tried using a brush, but I just couldn't make it legible. And you can see what I consider legible, so take my word that the brushwork was even worse.




The hat, I'll admit, is not the best sculpt. But I ain't the best sculptor. Next update, I'll be showing off the bag my buddy sculpted for this, and it looks awesome. He's a much better sculptor than I am, despite having done a lot less of it.


The cherub was painted with Reaper MSP Rosy Skin, with some GW Reikland Fleshshade, with the metal bits done in Reaper MSP Tarnished Steel. The metal arm was due to an accident. It broke off when I was removing it from the sprue, and I knocked it to the carpet by accident. I searched for five minutes, and ended up using a bit of sprue to replace it. The ears were taken from an Olde World Miniatures Black Rock Clans Scorcher. It's a goblin, but the ears were elfish enough for me, and he came with three alternate heads, making it an easy pick. Clipped them off the head, glued them to the cherub, then painted them up with Reaper MSP Fair Skin, with bits of greenstuff to simulate nails, and Citadel Blood for the Blood God to drive home the point. All that remains now is to repaint the wings a proper white and give 'em a wash.

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Coming into the home stretch.


Done on the actual figure painting, barring any touch-ups I notice that need to be done. Like, the wings, which I just realized I haven't done yet. But that's okay, haven't even sealed him yet. I also added a servo skull from my buddy's bits box. Painted the star bit gold. If I only had a tree to place it on... Maybe next year.


Man, look at that awesome bag. Didn't I say it was great? My buddy did a much better job of sculpting than I did on the hat.


Here he is from the back. The thing that goes on his back is a bit crooked. I didn't think about it when I sculpted the hat, and the pom-pom keeps it from sitting right.


Here is the list of the Naughty and Nice. As I said earlier, done with micron pen, because my freehand skills are pretty much nonexistent. I tried! But alas. At least this is readable.


Slightly blurrier Heresy list. This was honestly one of the more enjoyable parts of the project. The last two names are -eat Miser and -dolph.

Next will be sealing the paint job, then adding some snow flocking.

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So, back when RAFM was running their Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter, there was one mini in particular that caught my eye, and I knew immediately how he needed to be painted.  I speak of William MacLeod, Journalist.  There was just something about that smile...


So, I finally got a start on him tonight.  Hopefully I'll have him finished by the time I leave Las Vegas




Here he is with the basecoat on his pants and jacket (and I hope you've figured out where I'm going now).  This is Genestealer Purple.  The hue's right, but it needs to go a bit darker.  I'll try shading it using the Reaper Dark Elf Skin triad.  Still, it shows me I'm on the right track.




Here he is with the eyes about halfway done.  I'm using the inside-out method, so the raccoon mask is a kind of in-between stage.




And here he is with his eyes mostly done and the hair and smile started.  You can't see it, but I've actually shaded the face a bit with some Reaper Ghost White and Pro Paint Sea Foam.


Next step will be shading in the shirt and the tie. 

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Okay, gotten a bit further along.




I went around the lips with a little MSP Fresh Blood, then touched it up a bit with the Pure White and Sea Foam again.  The shirt was done up with MSP Palomino Gold and Sun Yellow.  I didn't realize until after finishing that he was wearing a waistcoat.  




Here he is with the waistcoat and tie colored.  The tie is done with Vallejo Model Air Blue.  It was a nice vibrant tone.  It was much more fluid than I expected and I overthinned.  However, that helped it look nicely shaded with no additional work, so that was nice.  The waistcoat is done with MSP Jade Green and Moth Green to highlight.  At this stage, I've also started deepening the shadows using a mix of the original GW Genestealer Purple and some MSP Dark Elf Shadow, using various mixes.  I also colored the shoes and the belt with some walnut brown.  




Here he is as he stands now.  Getting close to done.  The bag was done with MSP Lonestar Leather, CDA Leather Tan, and some GW Agrax Earthshade to help blend and shade.  The suit's had some Lonestar Leather and Walnut Brown on the handle, and then the gun itself done with Vallejo Model Color Gunmetal with GW Nuln Oil to bring out the details.  It'll get a touch-up with a brighter metallic before I'm done.  The artifact in his other hand I did with some sea foam and then palomino gold.  Not sure where I was going with that, except that I felt like playing with the colors a bit, and since it's supposed to be an eldritch artifact, I didn't care too much for logic.  I may eventually lop off that hand for something a bit more appropriate.  I've also given the suit a highlight, with some MSP Ghost White mixed in with the Genestealer Purple.  I wanted to push the shadows a bit deeper and highlights a bit higher than I usually would.  It's not perfect, but I feel like I'm starting to get there.


Now he really just needs a few touch-ups here and there and he'll be done, at least with the painting portion.  Still have to decide how I'm going to base this clown.

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While the Joker awaits his base, I've started work on another mini.  Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre vagabond, is next on my bench.




I really haven't done much besides work on his face.  This is mostly because I don't have anything with which to hold him,except for his little tab, which isn't really sufficient.  Since I'm at work, I don't have much I can work with, so I'm just using his body to hold him, which means his primer and paint's going to flake off.  Given that, I've just worked on the head, which will be sealed before I leave.


I think it's gone pretty well.  The eyes in particular have come out about how I intended, which is rare.  Considering that the face is basically just some tanned skin, tanned highlight, and GW reikland fleshshade, I think it looks pretty good.  The hair has the first two steps in the Reaper red hair triad.  Just waiting for the highlight orange.

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Okay, now that I no longer feel like I'm dying, I'm getting a bit more paint in.  I may or may not get any painting done while I'm down at the beach.  We'll have to see.


I put the ogre aside for the moment while I work on something for someone else.  The original model is from an older edition of Warhammer Fantasy, and it's called a Dwarf Cannon.  Not touching the cannon proper yet to focus on its crew.




First off, the skin is basically done aside from touch-ups where I've accidentally had overflow from other paint jobs.  In fact, the skin was the first thing I did, using the tanned skin triad.  I did all the steps, going from tanned shadow, two drops tanned shadow and one drop tanned skin, two drops tanned skin and one drop tanned shadow, tanned skin, two drops tanned skin, one drop tanned highlight, two drops tanned highlight and one drop tanned skin, and tanned highlight.  It is the most careful layering I've done on any skin job I've painted thus far.  If I ever decided to do anything like this before tackling the eyes, please shoot me, because I damned near killed myself getting the eyes to look nice.  Also, these things have really tiny little eyes.  Why would you do that, sculptors?  Why?


The clothes are just basecoated at the moment.  I'll probably bring up the blue shirt and green jacket a touch and then shade them back down.  The pants will be highlighted with red.  Right now they're just ruddy leather, but the final color I'm going for is actually a deep red.  Going with some of the blood colors for that.  Particularly the pants on the guy with the rammer, so it'll contrast more with his skin.  Shoes and other leather accouterments will be done in a more yellow-brown leather color.  For the rammer itself, I'm going to paint it linen white, add a little agrax earthshade, and I was thinking of using crushed graphite to darken it a bit further, with maybe a bit on the clothes and hands of the crew so they don't look too clean.  Anyone done anything like that?  

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