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Giving a weapon to Wereshark, looking for suggestions.

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Just got this guy: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/wereshark/latest/02890


I would like to replace its right hand with one carrying a weapon.

Problem is I would prefer to swap the whole hand at the wrist instead of removing the jellyfish, filing, drilling and resculpting the existing one around a weapon, but the hand is quite big, so I have some difficulties finding a new one I like.

Atm, the best candidate is the club carrying hand from a HeroQuest ogre, but I would like something more sea/pirate themed (an anchor, a sabre, harpoon, etc.).
Anyone can suggest source miniatures or bitz for this purpose?

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Use the club hand from the ogre.

Then cut and drill to remove the club and insert some rod/wire with which you can sculpt (or "craft" from card/sprue/wire/etc.) whatever kind of weapon you want.


Harpoon would be easiest, you'd only need to sculpt or craft the blade.

Sword would be similar but slightly trickier as it being bigger means you'd have to make sure you did a good job of sculpting or carving the taper on the blades edge of the weapon as its more noticeable.

Anchor could be done in a creative way. Try and twist 2 or more wires together. Form the loop for the rope at one end and then cut the wire at an angle to make the sharp bits. If you use a soft wire and some small clippers you could squeeze it flat at the ends and cut the points with barbs.


Or you could give him a giant fish hook as a weapon. Either use the anchor method described, or go to the docks and cut someone's line for a free one*. Maybe file down the point a little to avoid injury.


*I do not actually endorse snatching a fisherman's tackle. A man's tackle is a private thing and should never be touched or even looked at unless invited to do so.

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Turuk Stronghull would probably work. He has a cutlass-like blade in his right hand. They are pretty similar sized figures so the hands will probably be fairly close. The minotaur's hand will probably be a little bigger.


Slithe Handmaiden would give you a nice beefy trident, but the hand might be a little small for the Wereshark.


It wouldn't take a lot to remove the jellyfish and drill out the hand and do a traditional weapon swap. You could even smooth it over and fill the jellfish in to make it look more like a basket hilt and just insert a big sword into the drilled out hand.

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Thanks again. In fact I was evaluating the idea of giving him a hook. The Chaos Marauders' standard provides some great ones.




Otherwise, Ogre Kingdoms ogres have some neat swords. Not real cutlasses, but very close shapes...


Again, thanks everyone for hints and suggestions.

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Probably a bit late now but when you mentioned GW ogre bits the River Trolls came to mind as there's a really nice fish hook harpoon watchamacallit thing in there that I can't find a decent picture of. Top mid-right



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