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77143: Townsfolk: Undertaker


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Sure, color selection was the toughest part so I hope I can make things easier for those who follow!


The moonlit palette, from dark to light:


Sapphire Blue:Walnut Brown around 3:1

Midnight Blue

Twilight Blue

Snow Shadow


Basically, Corporea's blue/black plus the grey blues triad. The OSL palette:



Fire Orange

Marigold Yellow

Sun Yellow

Pure White


Note that Sun Yellow and Pure White were only used on the light source. Marigold Yellow is the highlight on the cast light. Exceptions are nmm and eyes, which both cast reflections, so Sun Yellow could be used there (not close enough for white).

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Actually, that's a thin walnut wash. I forgot I had run that in the deeper crevices, the camera really picked that up. Also, second mini varnished with the new can, still a bit glossier than I like. Doug Sundseth will be happy, though - I only used two lights to snap the pics, dropping the top light. I did underexpose it a bit to keep it gloomy.

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