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77143: Townsfolk: Undertaker


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As a newbie to mini painting, it's hard not to snap my paint brushes and give up after looking at this. Maybe I'll just use it as inspiration to go home and paint more... this time while NOT crying.


Great Job!


I'm not exactly a newbie painter and I still get that feeling sometimes. It's a fine line between minis that are awesome and inpire me to try harder, fancier techniques and ones that are awesome and make me depressed because I just can't/won't put that much effort into anything. I tend to go for mass tabletop quality and rarely try for real intesive work on a single mini.


Beautiful mini, CashWiley.

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Thanks, Dixon! You officially tipped the scale for my first mini to get the 'popular' gold star!


Yay! Thanks to everyone for your support!


Umm... It is an amazing paint job and a technically difficult color scheme with "night time" theme. Your first foray into OSL was a HUGE success and it all deserves great praise. I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a Gold Star Popular status, but glad that I could do my part to help you earn Popular status! It's well deserved.

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