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Zink's minis


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I'm finally getting around to showing off my work. First up is the bones that I've painted in the last couple of weeks. Not the best photos, just quick snapshots on my table. I really need to do a better photo set up if I want to show things off. They will eventually be based on square bases and finished up a bit more.


89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon



77151: Darkrasp, Evil Priest



77073: Freja Fangbreaker



77097: Grave Wraith




Here's a link to my photobucket.


It has a lot of minis I've painted over the years in it if anyone is interested in browsing.

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I haven't been getting much painting done lately but wanted to show off anyhow so here are some Reaper minis I did years ago. They were originally bought as characters for my GW Dark Elf army but now I've switched over to Armies of Arcana. Unfortunatley most of their friends are still in boxes after many years. I've got way too many unfinished armies. That's why I'm buying more Bones to keep them company :blink:


Deladrin one of my assassins.



Alvhaera, my general or mage/cleric.



Female necromancer


I was looking at her last night and for some reason she's been scuffed up and needs some cosmetic surgery/painting.


Finally a little diorama/photo I did hoping it would be included in the Armies of Arcana rule book when I helped with updating it several years ago. It wasn't picked but I still really like how it tuned out. The minis in the foreground are Thunderbolt Mountain heavy goblins.


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I like those colors on Deladrin! She's one of my favorite models, yet I still haven't gotten around to painting her. I may have to steal that color scheme for one of my copies (I've had her in metal for years, and then she was in last year's Bones KS. Never pictured her as a blonde, but it definitely works.


Also, that's a pretty sweet terrain piece in your diorama photo!

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She's one of my favourites too and I'm real proud of how she turned out. I've been eyeing up her bendy sister and thinking of how to paint her. I don't want a close copy but still want to stick to the dark, shadowy colours. I have a tendency to use a bit of red on almost everything I paint and I made a challenge to myself to do my enitre Dark Elf army (about 100 minis) without red. So blues and greys as primary colours. Hmm, maybe lack of red is why I stalled and haven't painted them for a few years. I've done most of a red roman army with the same amount of minis lately.

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Heh, it was so long ago I had to think for a bit. The problems with threadomancy. I undercoated him in matte medium, then a light coat of dark green ink and lastly a quick drybrush with a flat pale green.

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