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Dark Sword 4107: Female Cleric


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Very nice! Good sheen on the hair, nice crimson cloak and orange tabard.

I like the values on the NMM. The leg armor and the bracer look appropriately shiny, but I think what's missing is the reflections of nearby objects. In the underside of the bracer, for example, I would expect to see a hint of the orange tabard. Grays are good as the main color for steel NMM, but remember that steel isn't just gray -- it also reflects the colors around it, depending on how smooth/polished the steel is.

With complex shapes like the edge of the shield, it can be tough to decide where to place the highlights, but try thinking of this shape as being punched out from a larger simple shape -- in this case, a cylinder -- which you know how to highlight. Then you go back and add highlights where light would be reflecting from the extra edges of the complex punched-out shape. Or just paint what you think looks good compositionally and claim that there are multiple sources of light, light-colored objects nearby that are reflecting in the NMM, etc. :;):

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.


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