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A Claymation-based Video Game: Knite & The Ghost Lights

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Knite & The Ghost Lights: (Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux)


I found this Kickstarter and was impressed with the fact that everything in game is built in miniature as claymation and then converted to video game and the lowest buy-in at just $10.



Here's the main character, Knite, shown within the environment of the game.




This kind of video game is so cool as it applies to my skill set and style.


Description of Game Play:


Knite & The Ghost Lights is unique take on the classic side-scrolling action adventure game - filled with puzzles, platforming, hidden surprises, tons of magic and exploration. One of the most fun and unique features is the way the game lets you play with light and music to control your surroundings. Be ready to experience:

  • Beautiful hand-crafted environments with meticulous attention paid to every detail
  • Unique use of lighting that plays an integral part in gameplay and puzzle solving
  • Lush music and soundtrack that is seamlessly woven into the story and gameplay.
  • Eccentric cast of characters that truly bring Mistland to life
  • Unparalleled level of realism and depth – all game objects built from real-life models
I personally am in for the sound track level at $10 but might just boost it to help ensure this gets made.
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I'd be more impressed with the game if it's chief proponent hadn't been spamming a link on the Bones II comments pretty constantly for a while there.

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I am the first person to complain about over-saturation like in radio airplay for songs.


I can also understand enthusiasm for a project and trying to get it rolling, but the concept is much more intriguing to me.


Now, if they had simply just posted it here like I did, they wouldn't have annoyed you.

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I really like the idea a lot, but I'm really not thinking they're going to fund. I don't think they structured their pledge levels in a way that ensured that people would want to pledge more than $5 or $10 (except maybe at the Wii U level). Which is really sad, as it looks like a game I'd really enjoy playing. :(



--OneBoot :D

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$10 ain't much and if they only just get to make the project, the end result is as good as what they've shown, then they'll have the where-with-all to possibly do another.


If they don't make it, I'm not out anything, so I show some support. And then they can regroup, try again with some better prep and get it through.

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I took a look at it and was really impressed with the craftsmanship. At this point, though, there just isn't enough information about the game play and mechanics for me to back it. I understand that they can't show what hasnt' been coded yet, but I would still like to understand a bit more about what the game is about and how you play it.

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I'd be more impressed with the game if it's chief proponent hadn't been spamming a link on the Bones II comments pretty constantly for a while there.


I don't know if that guy got "banned" from the project or what, but he's no longer backing Bones II.


Also, my thoughts on this project mirror onyxGuenhwyvar's: it looks neat, but they don't really talk about the actual gameplay much so it's hard to know what you're getting into...

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Nearly $32,000 and closing on the main goal of the Kickstarter.


Looks like they'll get to move forward with the game itself at least.


Looking forward to what sounds like a cool story to play out.

They added avatars as a thank you.




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