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LordJosh's WIP


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So, I figured I could show off even when I haven't finished some pieces.


Today I was working on the male Storm Giant, Yephima, and the Totally-Not-A-Beholder from the Bones Kickstarter.


Still a fair bit of detail to finish, and washes to wash, but here's the day's effort:



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Got an opportunity to do a bit more work on these pieces tonight.

Need to apply a couple washes to Yephima:



Storm giant also needs a couple washes to be finished off:



The Eye Beast needs his base painted, and a wash applied:


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Finally had a chance to get some more painting in! Finished up my Yephima.


Here's a shot of the messed up wash having dribbled down her face from careless brushstrokes (also, in taking this picture, I noticed her left thigh was a bit messy):



And here she is after the touchups to clean up my mess:



Here's a close up of her club, I was going for a marble look, and I think it came out pretty well:



Next up, I got started on Vanja (Fire Giant Queen: 77100) - hair based with a Citadel Averland Sunset, and then highlighted with Model Masters Acryl International Orange, then the base for the rest of her is the same International orange:



Then I used Model Master's Acryl Schwartzgrau with a mostly dry brush and a stipple to finish up her skin tone and finish the base for her armor and weapon:



Started off with the same basing technique for Vanja's companion, Skorg Ironskull (Fire Giant King: 77101):



Comments, Critiques, and so forth are most welcome.

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Oh, your Yephima is lovely! I like the skin tone you chose - it's got a definite indigo/purple hue which is quite different from the "norm" for Cloud Giants.


One thing I'll note is that the blue gems on her club, her hair piece and the top of her bodice have a very saturated and "bright" colour, much more so than any other part of her. As a result, I find they are "popping" and thus drawing my eye a little too strongly. Perhaps try creating a glaze using the base colour with a touch of black or dark grey in it and use that to tone down the brilliance by painting several layers until they no longer "pop" quite so much.

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