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Warpwolf Pack w/ Alpha - Circle Orboros - Privateer Press


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The next time I do a project like this I am documenting it from start to finish. I think it took about 3 weeks to finish them all. I had to slow down the pace, because it was feeling more like a job and less of a hobby. Inbetween I took a break and painted a reaper dwarf, but not sure what to do with him (diorama or solo?) I'll have him out before x-mas that is for sure. 

Hope you enjoy :)



post-11859-0-95885200-1382324547_thumb.jpg  post-11859-0-10604500-1382324549_thumb.jpg  post-11859-0-11540400-1382324655.jpg  post-11859-0-81034300-1382324655.jpg  post-11859-0-66612900-1382324666_thumb.jpg  post-11859-0-75175000-1382324667_thumb.jpg  post-11859-0-01917500-1382324677_thumb.jpg  post-11859-0-00706900-1382324678_thumb.jpg  post-11859-0-64666200-1403737128.jpg  post-11859-0-40234000-1403737150.jpg  post-11859-0-04170400-1403737167.jpg

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Dude, those teals are sah-weet!


Really nice job on these. I need to get to work on my Legion stuff, you and Bloodydrake are so far ahead of me with armies!


Really nice unit cohesion on these guys; they look great in a group.

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Thanks for all the kind words everbody :)


Amazing paintjobs on these mate! What greens did you use on the armor?

I used Reapers emerald green on the pack with ancient bronze. I wanted the alpha to stand out and experimented using a non metallic green for the 1st time, I think it was leaf green with antique gold. There wasnt much of a difference with the greens, but I prefer the metallic just slightly more.

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