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Matrissa's Bones: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (77162)

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Oh wow, she's coming along beautifully! The shadows and highlights do look a lot better, but naturally so. The only little bit of criticism I have is that the transition from highlight to basecoat/shadow on the front and back of her left thigh are a little abrupt. Everywhere looks very good, though, nice and smooth!


Oooooo, a sunset colors skirt would look AMAZING!! It would be such a neat contrast with her very cool blue skin, same with warm-colored armor. I'm excited to see how that turns out!! :D



--OneBoot :D

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Because I want to make her skirt "sunset" coloured, I searched for and downloaded some images off the net. This collage shows the six I selected.




Looking at those, I picked out the following colours that I will eventually use on her skirt:

  • Nightmare Black (which is, as previously mentioned, actually a deep indigo blue)
  • Imperial Purple
  • Punk Rock Pink
  • Lava Orange
  • Sun Yellow


Next, I put a base coat of Pure White over her armour (sorry, forgot to take a photo, but then it really just looked like unpainted bones!)


And then, in the interest of full transparency, my first attempt at a "warm white" went horribly wrong. :unsure:


Deciding that the shadows of her white armour should be reflective of the sunset colours I picked the "middle" colour - Punk Rock Pink - and made a glaze with 10 drops Pure White, 1 drop Punk Rock Pink and 10 drops Vallejo's Glaze Medium. It was definitely too pink, so I added another five drops each of white and glaze medium. That looked like it should be good. And then I decided to add two drops of Vallejo's Metallic Medium, just because. (I figured that later, I'd also add a bit of the metallic medium to white when working to bring back the highest highlights)


I worked on glazing the shadows for a while and thought they were turning out pretty nicely... and then I "stepped back" and looked at her without magnification or a brush in my hand and grimaced, because I suddenly realized my colour selection had turned her into a Barbie Doll!



!! :blink:!!



Annoyed, I put her down, deciding I needed to take a break.



Last night, I picked her up, ready to tackle a warm white again. The first thing I did, however, was a search on "miniature painting warm white", just to make sure I was actually doing things correctly, independently from my colour choice. It seemed I hadn't done anything spectacularly wrong on that front, so I decided that the problem was probably the original pink I had selected and that I needed something that wasn't so bright to begin with.


I poked through my paints and found two possibilities - Brains Pink and Fair Skin. Due to the "Barbie-ness" of my first attempt, I decided that Fair Skin was the better choice because, while it was still a pink colour, it was moving closer to orange and so should bypass that problem.


I covered the "Barbie Pink" with a base of pure white again and then mixed up 10 drops Pure White, 1/2 drop Fair Skin and 10 drops Vallejo Glaze Medium and went to work (I decided against including the metallic medium this time around). This was looking much better! After the first several glazing layers though, the result didn't seem deep enough, so I added another full drop of Fair Skin to the mix and kept at it.


Next, to bring back the highlights, I took 10 drops of pure white, 10 drops of glaze medium and 1 drop of metallic medium, and used that to lift up the "whiteness" and add a touch of metallic shimmer.



Finally, I decided to revisit her skin one more time, after the last set of comments - specifically OneBoot's about the sharpness of the line between shadow and highlight on her left leg. I did what I could to even out the blending on her backside and also on the line between the top and bottom of her front thigh. I decided, however, to leave the sharp line between the front and top of her thigh because that shadow is caused by how her hair falls and, I think, it would actually be that sharp.


Last, but not least, I "blacklined" her skin using pure Soft Blue (a major component of her skin colour)





Next step, I think, will be her skirts. I haven't quite decided what to do about the different embellishments found across her various pieces of armour so I'm going to leave that for now. Typically it seems people do them in a metallic paint - usually gold, though sometimes silver - but that doesn't feel like the right direction for this paint job. I'm open to suggestions, if you have any. ^_^


ETA: I was looking at the last photos again and the flash has actually drained a lot of the depth from her armour, which definitely has an "ivory" undertone now. I guess I really ought to make myself one of those photography lightboxes. I've been meaning to - the problem I have is finding a box that is the right size (not too big, not too small).

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First off let me say "Thank You" for posting this. I have her and I'm scared to paint her as she's an intimidating sculpt and one of those figures that when you do her you want to "knock it out of the park"


I like the way you're going with her and the palette you chose for her skirt is going to be amazing. I agree with you on the body armour, I think a metallic paint would be "jarring" against the strong delicacy of this figure, but at this time I don't have any suggestions on how to approach it. If it were me, I'd do that after I'd done the skirt and then maybe pick out one colour from that palette and utilize it on the armour.


Lovely work so far!

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I love your sunset reference colors. Yephima is coming up fast my queue, and I think I may have to steal that idea for her skirts - some stunning colors there!


As far as "warm" whites go, I've never had luck with pink tones for exactly the reasons you ran into above. I tend to work from an ivory base for warm whites, so the warm comes from a more yellow tone than red, and winds up looking creamy in the end.


I think Anne may be on to something for the accent colors - you'll be working a lot of colors into the skirts, pulling one of them out for the accents will help tie the model together and give something for the eye to follow as you look at the finished piece.

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Just a quick update to show off the awesome job I did on the undercoat for her skirt. ^_^


I decided my approach would be to paint the skirt completely, with shadows and highlights, in some kind of "sky" tone and then use glazes of the "sunset" colours in various ways on top. Hopefully the end result will look like a sky filled with sunset striations.


I tried to push myself towards deep shadows and high highlights and I really feel like I hit it.


Since I already had a base coat from earlier, I started by a not-quite-glaze in the mid-tone which was pure Aircraft Grey thinned 2:1 paint to Vallejo glazing medium. It took about three coats to cover up the pale blue that I'd originally had there. The shadows were done with 2 Aircraft Grey + 1 Noir Black with a touch (probably one of OneBoot's TT's worth) of Nightmare black, thinned with 4 drops glazing medium (basically 3:4 paint to medium). I brought the mid-tones back with pure Aircraft Grey thinned 1:1, and then the highest highlights were done with 2 Pure White + 1 Aircraft Grey also thinned 3:4.




These photos show up a few places where I smudged her skin with skirt colours so I've already gone over her and fixed that up. While I was at it, I decided to push the highlights on her skin a little more, but I haven't finished that yet, so you'll have to wait until my next update to see how successful I was. :;):


edited for typos. bah.

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oooh! Very nice! Just a hint with lava orange- it seems very transparent to me and may take many coats. For the armor embellishments- how about purple? Make it looks like storm clouds on her armor?


Thanks for the tip about the lava orange. I'll be doing some tests with each glaze on my plastic palette to see how they thin out. I won't be surprised if the paint-to-glaze ratios will be different for each of the colours.


Hmm... storm clouds on her armour... there's potential there. Consider the thought filed away for future reference. ^_^

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